A rock shattered the windshield of a woman's truck as she left the interstate

Although she is only 4, Madisson Benson still remembers the day in May when a rock shattered the windshield of her mother’s truck.


Madisson was riding in the passenger seat of the truck as she and her mother, Teresa Benson of Maquon, headed up the North University Street ramp from Interstate 74 on May 6. A large rock was thrown from the overpass and struck the truck’s windshield on the passenger side.


"There was glass all over her," Benson said of her frightened daughter. "In her hair and on her lap. There was glass clear on my side. You don’t know the adrenaline I had. All I could think of was about her."


Benson’s daughter was not injured, but badly jarred.


"My daughter, she still remembers that ramp. She says, ‘This is where the rock happens.’ It’s sad she remembers the spot," Benson said from her home Tuesday.


"I’ll never forget that sound."


A 14-year-old Peoria boy was arrested Sunday on a felony charge of vehicular endngerment stemming from the incident.


He also has been named a "person of interest" in connection with the death of Katrina Kelley, 26, of Peoria. She died Saturday after a concrete patio block was thrown over the Broadway Street overpass and crashed through the windshield of the car she was riding in on I-74 below.


The boy was in court Tuesdayand a judge ruled he should be held in custody for the safety of the public. He allegedly violated probation by throwing the rock into Benson’s truck.


Benson said she was unhappy with the outcome of Tuesday’s court proceedings.


"It’s like saying you can do it (throw rocks) and not get in trouble," she said. "What kind of message is that sending?"


No one has been arrested in connection with Kelley’s death.


To help offset the cost of her funeral and other expenses, co-workers of Kelley’s mother, Daiszenia "Nina" Allotey, an employee of the American Red Cross, are hosting a lunch fundraiser and bake sale today at the facility. The luncheon is limited to employees only.


"Katrina has two young children and we just wanted to help with a donation that would help now or with the children in the future," said Nora Sullivan, director of public support for the American Red Cross.


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