Ohio River Basketball Camp was a success in its return

Mark Martin

The annual Ohio River Basketball Camp wasn’t able to take place last year due to COVID-19.

But it returned in 2021 with 122 campers attending.

“We had a great camp week,” said Ravenswood head boys basketball coach Mick Price, who serves as the camp’s director.

“We were really excited with the turnout, especially since we couldn’t have it last year due to COVID-19. We just didn’t know what kind of numbers we would have.”

The camp was again divided up into three divisions. An array of awards were handed out during the Parade of Champions ceremony, which concludes camp each year.

Most Valuable Players of the College Division (grades 3-4) were Brazen Smith, Jackson Lane and Cass Bennett.

The Olympic Division (grades 5-6) MVP winners were Eli Casto and Cooper Bentley.

Marcus Williams and Jaxson Moore were the MVP recipients in the NBA Division (grades 7-8).

The Heart and Hustle Awards in the College Division went to Holly Kruk, Lexi Spears, Ayden Price, Bentley Flesher, William Ritchie, Duvon Smith and Emma Barker.

Olympic Division Heart and Hustle honorees were Kotlin Laughlin, Grayson Doczi, Jace Good, Emily Andrade, Darbt Porter, Calder Knopp, Lucas Weekley and Antonio Chaffin.

The NBA Division Heart and Hustle winners were Layna Whited, Cara Spears, Matthew Phelps, Josh Carpenter, Nolan Smith, Preston Riggs and Canner Bailey.

ACE (attitude, commitment and enthusiasm) winners in the College Division were Braelea McClung, Carly Caldwell and Kaiden Murray.

The Olympic Division ACE winners were Carter Fluty, Kassidy Wilson, Brooks Wolfe and Brody Horne.

The NBA Division ACE recipients were Connor McClung, Nash Porter and Kaylee Randolph.

The Oral Roberts team of Brazen Smith, Duvon Smith and Emma Barker won the team title of the College Division. The runner-up squad was Marshall, consisting of William Ritchie, Abigail Jenkins and Addison Enoch.

USA won the Olympic Division. Team members were Jagger Melhorn, Kassidy Wilson, Kendra Angus and Grayson Doczi. Russia, made up of Wyatt Crislip, Carter Fluty and Kinzie Shumate, was the runner-up.

The Hawks, featuring Hayden Heath, Kaden Walters and Kayleigh Somerville, won the NBA title. The Bucks came in second. Jackson Moore, Lars Cooper and Kaylee Randolph were the team members.

Passing champs were Cass Bennett in the College Division, Cooper Bentley in the Olympic Division and Connor McClung in the NBA Division.

Avery Shinn placed second and Emma Barker third in the College Division passing competition. Eli Casto and Carter Fluty were second and third, respectively, in the Olympic passing. Lars Cooper was second and Marcus Williams placed third in the NBA passing competition.

Brazen Smith was the College Division foul shooting champ. Jagger Melhorn won the Olympic Division and Caleb Murray took the NBA title.

Second and third, respectively, in foul shooting for the College Division were Carly Caldwell and Xander Jones. Lincoln Shockey was second in the Olympic Division with Mason Kerns placing third. Hayden Heath was second in the NBA Division with Nash Porter third.

The cross training competition saw Matthew Goodson emerge as the winner in the College Division with Brody Horne and Marcus Williams taking the titles in the Olympic Division and NBA, respectively.

Coming in second in the College Division for cross training was Carley Caldwell with Avery Slaven placing third. Eli Casto was second and Cole McGoskey placed third in the Olympic Division. The NBA’s second place finisher was Kaden Walters and Jackson Moore came in third.

Ball handling winners were Brazen Smith in the College Division, Brody Horne in the Olympic Division and Connor McClung in the NBA.

William Ritchie placed second in the College ball handling competition while Bralea McClung was third. Carter Fluty was second in the Olympic Division with Braxton Brabham coming in third. Marcus Williams was second in the ball handling competition of the NBA Division while Jackson Moore was third.

Dribble king winners were McClung in the College Division, Brody Horne in the Olympic Division and Connor McClung in the NBA.

Brazen Smith placed second and Jaxson Lane was third in the College Division. Kassidy Wilson was second and Eli Casto placed third in the Olympic Division. Connor McClung was second in the NBA Division with Jackson Moore third.

Hot shot winners were Brazen Smith in the College Division, Eli Casto in the Olympic Division and Hayden Heath in the NBA Division.

Jaxson Lane was second and Carly Caldwell placed third in the College hot shot. Carter Fluty finished second and Cooper Bentley was third in the Olympic Division. The NBA’s second place finisher was Lars Cooper with Connor McClung placing third.

C.J. Alfred and Kaylee Randolph were the winners of the two bicycles awarded through a grand prize drawing. The bikes were donated by Rick Thacker of Coca-Cola.

“It was really hot, but the kids did a great job of handling it,” Price said. “I love seeing the kids' faces light up when they accomplish something maybe they thought they couldn’t do.

“The kids learned from quality instruction and had lots of fun competing and playing games. I’m really proud of our high school kids who served as counselors. They were great this year.”

Price praised the businesses and individuals who contributed in making the camp a success for a 34th year.

“We are already looking forward to next year,” Price said.