Ravenswood High basketball coaches reflect on positive school, community moments

Matthew Sokol
Jackson Newspapers
Mick Price has led the  Ravenswood High school basketball team for 44 years making the difference in the players young lives.

RAVENSWOOD — The name Mick Price might sound familiar in town over the years and there is a very good reason for that. 

On the basketball court, he leads a talented young group of men year-in and year-out at Ravenswood High School. 

Price is in his 44th year guiding Ravenswood. However, Price is known way more than just his ability to teach the game of hoops. 

Last week, Price earned his 700th career victory as coach when the Runnin’ Red Devils knocked off Buffalo.

Beside spending time as head coach, Price makes a difference at Ravenswood teaching physical education and science.

He also has been a graduation coach and athletic director at the high school.

"Coaching basketball is a passion not a job," Price said.

Price emphasized the importance of using skills like being on time or looking into someone's eyes when you talk to them or shake their hand. 

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The importance of teaching his players to work together resonated with Price when it came to coaching. 

"It's a big deal to take care of your teammates," Price said. "It's a big deal to trust each other and have that chemistry."

Coaches work together at Ravenswood

Price and his assistant coach started working together in 1989 and they haven't looked back a single day since. 

Strong chemistry would be a understatement  when it describes their work dynamic. 

"I'm very lucky to work have somebody like Bryan Canterbury to coach with," Price added. "He keeps you lined up on statistics and is very good at skill development on the basketball court."

"Over the years if you would have came to one of our practices, you would think he was a first year coach due to his enthusiasm and passion," Canterbury said. "He has been involved with every aspect of this program since day one."

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As the assistant coach, Canterbury has seen Price make a difference in the local community. 

"Price has been a big game changer here in Ravenswood," Canterbury said. "He coached middle school football for a long time and had the football head coach position for three years."

Making the changes in the community

Last summer, Price and his team added a new flare outside the Ravenswood gym.

 Murals were placed and painted outside of the gym at Ravenswood High School last summer.   This past Fall the final mural was pained and set to be displayed. 

Price and his staff didn't want a parking lot going right in front of the gymnasium.  They wanted something memorable to display outside the gym. 

The new mural designed by Mark McComas and Neil LoPrinz outside the Ravenswood High School gym.

If Price heard an idea that benefits the team and the city, he moves mountains to get the job done. So the basketball coach and his staff worked with the Board of Education to get the murals created. 

"We really didn't want a parking lot to be outside the gym," Canterbury said. "We really wanted it to be something that we were proud of."

The Ravenswood native noted that Price each year helped make sure that the gym was painted and renovated for his players.  The head coach made sure posters for basketball when the start of the season rolls around.  Media guides are always created on time. 

The actions Price takes for his athletes go beyond the call of job duties. 

New murals were added outside the Ravenswood High School gym. They were designed by Mark McComas and Neil LoPrinz.

Calling Ravenswood a place of living

Price didn't fully know what he was getting himself into when he first accepted the job to come to Ravenswood. 

Price took over the Ravenswood program from the late Jack Wiseman, who left to become the assistant principal at Ripley High School. 

"I came to specifically to coach the basketball team," Price said. "The city was known for having good sports."

Price's first job after graduating from Fairmont State University was coaching at Sistersville High School. He was a part of the boys basketball program for three years led under the direction of the late Ray Barnhart. Barnhart left Sistersville to become the head coach at old Salem College (now University).

"I had no relatives in Ravenswood and i only knew a few people," Price said. 

Price during his time at Ravenswood really connected with the community at First Baptist Church. 

"I like to meet and greet the different members of the community," Price said. "I also shot here in Ravenswood and support the local businesses.  It is more than just being a basketball coach. I care about all the sports and I really care about this community whether its about a festival you are having or trying to make something better."