On the Mark

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Mark Martin

RECORD KEEPING: I’ve mentioned in recent weeks about the quest by Jackson Newspapers to do updates on records for the various high school sports teams from both Ravenswood and Ripley in addition to each program’s history.

It’s a mammoth project, but one that will slowly but surely begin appearing in future issues of JN little by little.

The mission is to bring each girls and boys program up to date.

Again, any date one might have that could be useful will be welcomed with open arms.

RECORD KEEPING II: In addition to high school sports, the project of delving into the past will also hopefully include notable happenings that have occurred in local golf, running, bowling, racing, youth sports, etc.

Not to mention events of the all-star nature on the high school level for football, basketball, baseball and girls softball.

The Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis contest has featured Ravenswood and Ripley players over the years. Some years, players initially picked chose not to play while others were added late.

Thus, we are doing our best to get that list current. Here is the most up-to-date version:

History of Jackson Countians in BACF Football Classic

2020-Ravenswood’s Wayne Stephenson, Zach Graham, Nikki Nicholson and Tanner Snodgrass (No game due to COVD-19).

2019-Ravenswood’s Luke Jackson, Nick Williams Ripley’s R.J. Evans, Josh Kay and Andrew Dolin (Ohio wins, 7-0, at St. Marys’ Bill Hanlin Stadium)

2018-Ravenswood’s Ethan Mahan, (Ohio wins, 47-13, at St. Marys’ Bill Hanlin Stadium)

2017-Ripley’s Hunter Stephens (Ohio wins, 50-33, Marietta’s Don Drumm Stadium)

2016-Ravenswood’s Preston Humphreys (West Virginia wins, 24-7 at Marietta’s Don Drumm Stadium)

2015-No players compete (West Virginia wins, 28-7 at Parkersburg’s Stadium Field)

2014-Ravenswood’s Nathan Cunningham and Nathan Withers (Ohio wins, 18-15 at Parkersburg’s Stadium Field)

2013-Ravenswood's Dillon Gandee, Brad Titus and Ryan Whytsell, Ripley's Quaseem Fields (Ohio wins, 33-13 at Marietta’s Don Drumm Stadium)

2012-Ravenswood's Chad Burrows, Brandon Cunningham, Dustin DeRito, Kyle Griffith, Jeremy Lawrence and Tyler Newell (Ohio wins, 48-0, at Marietta's Don Drumm Stadium)

2011-Ravenswood's Mark Davis, John Scritchfield, Chad Small and Cole Starcher, Ripley's Correy Goff and Storm Matheny (West Virginia wins, 14-0, at Parkersburg's Stadium Field)

2010-Ravenswood's Luke Murray (West Virginia wins, 31-6, at Warren Local High Stadium in Vincent, Ohio)

2009-Ravenswood’s Zach Shriver, Ripley’s Lonnie Kiser, Seth Parsons, Jeff Tomlin and Josh Williams (Ohio wins, 24-0, at Stadium Field in Parkersburg)

2008-Ravenswood’s Travis Lang (West Virginia wins, 17-14, at Warren Local High Stadium in Vincent, Ohio)

2007-Ripley’s Jimmy Frashier (head coach), Will Hosaflook (assistant coach), Justin Frashier (assistant coach), Dewayne Merritt (assistant coach), Dwayne Hicks (assistant coach), Shane Casto (assistant coach), Joe Cunningham of Ripley and Tom Nay and Jon Wood of Ravenswood. (West Virginia wins, 14-7, at Stadium Field in Parkersburg)

2006-Ravenswood’s William Workman and Jarrod Varney, Ripley’s Jon Ullom (West Virginia wins, 25-20, at Warren Local High Stadium in Vincent, Ohio)

2005-No Jackson County participants (West Virginia wins, 13-7, at Stadium Field in Parkersburg)

2004-Ravenswood’s Dick Sturm (head coach), Kemp Kelly (assistant coach), Jason Jackson (assistant coach), Eddie Smolder (assistant coach), Steve Sturm (assistant coach), Andrew Boggess, Brett Greene, Justin Hupp, Tyler Kelly, Brandon Smith and Nick Wolfe, Ripley’s Jon Melhorn and Jarod Woofter (Ohio wins, 18-13, at Yellowjacket Field in Williamstown)

2003-Ravenswood’s Chris Barbe, Caleb Lanning, Marcus Moresea and Matt Webb, Ripley’s Adam Casto, Ty Phalen and Waid Harper (West Virginia wins, 48-3, at Stadium Field in Parkersburg)

2002-Ripley’s Jim Bob Durbin, Andy Roachelle and Broc Skeen, Ravenswood’s Ty Pistelli and Eric Reed (West Virginia wins, 37-0, at Ralph Holder Stadium in Belpre, Ohio)

2001-Ravenswood’s Nathan Benson, Ernie Tacket and Joey Varney (West Virginia wins, 18-13, at Erickson All-Sports Facility in Parkersburg)

2000-Ravenswood’s Derrick King and Jeremy Nester, Ripley’s Nathan Utt (Ohio wins, 36-0 at Stadium Field in Parkersburg)

1999-Ripley’s Jimmy Frashier (assistant coach), Ripley’s Justin Frashier (assistant coach), Nathan Logan and Steve Shockey, Ravenswood’s Chris Claudio (Ohio wins, 31-13 at Stadium Field in Parkersburg)

1998-Ravenswood’s Jon Bibbee, Ripley’s Nathan Knopp (Ohio wins, 39-12, at Ralph Holder Stadium in Belpre, Ohio)

1997-Ravenswood’s Chip Donohoe, Davey Hood, T.J. Moore, Nathan Patterson and Kevin Philyaw (West Virginia wins, 25-6, at Ralph Holder Stadium in Belpre)

1996-Ravenswood’s Eric King and Shannon Martin (West Virginia wins, 21-13, at Ralph Holder Stadium in Belpre)

1995-Ravenswood’s Greg Archer, Frank Bibbee, Joe Blackhurst and Mike Hensley (West Virginia wins, 11-8, at Stadium Field in Parkersburg)

1994-Jackson County wasn’t a part of the game (Ohio wins, 10-7, at Don Drumm Stadium in Marietta)