Ravenswood Senior Center updates; Ravenswood High School basketball: Column

Mary Lou Robinson
Ravenswood Senior News

The Ravenswood High School girls and boys basketball teams are in full swing now for their season. The girls are doing very well overall. They won their game at Wirt County, won their game at home against Wahama, then lost by a mere three points to Greenup County, Ky., in a game played at Wayne. We only attended the Wahama game and once again Hadleigh McGoskey played a starring role in the win. If you have time I’d recommend that you try to watch a game with Hadleigh playing.

The boys got their season opener played Saturday evening, Dec. 11, in The Pit. It was a special night to start honoring basketball players from the past as the basketball program at Ravenswood begins their 100th year of ball. It was a fun night — Coach Price did a great job of bringing back images of past seasons. I was especially elated to get to see Allen Short who graduated in my 1950 class as he was honored for being the first All State player ever selected from Ravenswood.

The team wore new uniforms designed to recall uniforms from the past. They had new warm-up outfits to reflect “the old days.” The cheerleaders bravely wore outfits also reminiscent to the 1950s era — white tops with a Red Devil logo red on the front of the sweater and red skirts that were full and were a maxi length. I was amazed when I saw one cheerleader do a flip with the skirt on! The only thing I missed was the cheerleaders having a megaphone — which I’m sure would be hard to find in this day and age. We are looking forward to see what else the team will be wearing during this season of honoring our basketball teams who wore the red and black the past 100 years!

We were at the Riverfront Park when the city cut the last big tree down that was along the shoreline. We watched — and I cringed — as one guy climbed up into the tree to get a rope placed where it was needed so the tree would fall where they wanted it to fall. It was like “I wanted to watch but I’m scared to death to watch!” I tried to get a video of the tree falling on my cell phone camera but once again I’m still illiterate to the operation of all these electronic devices so I failed to get the tree falling. When it fell it fell FAST. Thankfully the employee did his job safely and the last tree is now down. I haven’t been told but I’m assuming removing the trees are all a part of preparation for the building of the marina that is planned.

Donations at the Gingerbread House for the Christmas lights have been very good considering the cold weather and some nasty nights that have kept people home. We have been at the park almost every evening and have enjoyed the different things the volunteers have come up with to encourage donations. Proceeds will be used toward the maintenance of existing displays and purchasing new displays and supplies needed for the future. We appreciate the efforts of Steve Bradley and Avis Turner who have been working diligently on the Christmas project. Avis has been taking people on hay rides around the park some evenings — which is a lot of fun for the little ones.

The River Rats musicians are playing music at the North United Methodist Church in the basement area a couple of times a month now. They play on the first and third Thursday evenings — so just drive by to see if they are there. Music begins at 5:30 p.m. Bring your own snacks and beverage if you wish.

Ravenswood Senior Center

Ravenswood Senior News

The center has now reopened after being closed for a couple of weeks due to the COVID problems.

Meals are being served in the dining area once again or you may pick up a meal and take it home to eat. You need to call the center at 304-273-5648 to place a meal order.

You also need to ask our site supervisor Stephanie Rhodes about the daily activities and what the center is now doing.

The pool people are selling a variety of nuts now. They have pecans, cashews, mixed nuts, double-dipped chocolate-covered peanuts, praline pecans and English walnuts. You may pick your selection of nuts up at the center. The cost is $10 per bag. Proceeds benefit the pool programs.

The Recycled Teenagers trip schedule for 2022 includes the following trips:

March 19-27 will be a trip to Miami and Key West, Fla.

June 20-25 we will travel to Mackinac Island, Mich.

Sept. 7-19 we are going to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam.

Nov. 15-17 we travel to Lancaster, Pa., for an Amish holiday tour.

Dec. 5-8 we will go to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for some holiday fun at Dollywood and the surrounding area.

Feb. 23-March 4, 2023, we have planned a trip to Hawaii. This trip is over a year away but you may need time to make payments on this trip.

The costs of the various trips are on the trip flyer which is available at the senior center. You may also call our trip coordinator, Kay Parsons, at 304-372-3970 to learn more about the trips of your choice. We will be adding some one-day trips for the 2022 travel season and we will announce those as soon as they are available.

We remind you that multiple-day trips may be paid in installments as listed on the trip schedule. Insurance is also available for the multiple-day trips. All trips and insurance policies must be paid in separate checks.

We want to thank everyone who traveled with us during the 2021 travel season. We hope you enjoyed each and every trip you were able to travel on. Thanks for supporting this fundraiser for our center.

Have a great day!