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Mary Lou Robinson
Ravenswood Senior News

Basketball season has officially begun. Our high school girls started their season by playing Ripley in a home game this past week. The final result wasn’t what we had hoped it would be but nevertheless it was worth the price of admission to see Hadleigh McGoskey make a three-point shot from approximately three-fourths of the way down the court from the basket. Time was running out on the first quarter of the game and Hadleigh just “threw the ball” toward the basket and to everyone’s surprise the ball found the net for the score. I’ve seen a lot of basketball games with kids making great shots but I really believe this was the most remarkable basket made yet. Hadleigh will be a leader of the team this year. You might want to come out and watch her play. She is exciting to watch.

We watched our boys basketball team play a scrimmage game against Riverside High School at our boys gym last week. Riverside is coached by Taylor Woods who graduated from Ravenswood and played on the boys team several years. It was fun to watch Taylor coach against his own former coach, Mick Price. Taylor’s team has a very good tall player that I wouldn’t mind having on our team. He’s good at rebounding and scoring — especially under the basket. Our team is going to be very good this year — at least that’s our opinion! We’ll try to get to as many home games as we can this year. Robbie and I are not attending away games as we once did. Our age and night driving says we are better off to stay home and listen to the games on radio when they are being broadcast.

We were very proud of our police department for being able to solve the theft problem at Riverfront Park this past week. With the help of the video footage on the security cameras and Katrena Ramsey who oversees park activities they were able to see who the culprits were. Not only did they recover the stolen items from the park, they were able to recover items stolen from other properties in town. The thieves were taken to jail — not sure how long they would be unavailable for more thievery but I really don’t think they’ll be taking anything her for a while!

The Sisters food stand is serving several items in the evening time at the park during the time the Christmas displays are lighted. They have chili, pepperoni rolls and hot chocolate, among other items. Prices are reasonable and I attest the hot chocolate is delicious.

We noticed that Taraific Cakes is now open in its new location at the corner of Washington and Walnut streets at the stop light. They also have delicious food items so you might want to check them out for your holiday goodies.

We want to mention how pretty Wayne and Jean Abel have decorated their property once again for the Christmas season. They live in the little house on the corner as you approach the bridge spanning Sand Creek going south out of town. They really enhance the entrance to town.

Robbie and I were thrilled when we learned that our great-grandson Brady Woodard of Williamstown won the county math championship in his age group. They didn’t get to have the championships last year “in person” — it was all done by computer. I’ve always said Brady gets his math ability from Robbie. Robbie amazes me at times with things concerning math. Brady’s grandmother Bev Thompson is also very good mathematically.

Ravenswood Senior Center

Ravenswood Senior News

We have had to close the center for a couple of weeks due to the COVID problem. Hopefully by the time you read this the center will be back on schedule. Meals are being served by pick-up only. Call the center to learn more about the meals and to order meals.

The pool people are selling nuts again this year for the holiday season. Nuts available are pecans, cashews, mixed nuts, double-dipped chocolate peanuts, praline pecans and English walnuts. The cost is $10 per bag. Call the center at 304-273-5648 to see when you may pick up your choice of nuts.

The Recycled Teenagers Travel schedule for 2022 includes the following:

March 19-27 we go to Miami and Key West, Fla.

June 20-25 we will travel to Mackinac Island, Mich.

Sept. 7-19 we are going out West to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam.

Nov. 15-17 will be a trip to Lancaster, Pa., for an Amish holiday tour.

Dec. 5-8 we are going to the Great Smokies in Tennessee.

We have scheduled a trip to Hawaii for Feb. 23-March 4, 2023.

Detailed flyers for these trips are available at the center. You may also call trip coordinator Kay Parsons at 304-372-3970 to learn more about the trips of your choice.

We plan to add some one-day trips to our travel schedule. We will announce these when available.

Multiple-day trips may be paid for in installments as listed on the trip flyer. Insurance is available for multiple-day trips. All insurance policies and trips must be paid for in separate checks.

The River Rats musicians will be playing their music at the North United Methodist Church (in the basement/dining room area) on Thursday, Dec. 16, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come and listen to these local musicians.

Have a great day!