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Mary Lou Robinson
Ravenswood Senior News

It feels like we are going to have a lot of cold weather this fall. I love the fall season but I don’t care for the cold days and nights. Yes, I’m already using my electric throw in my chair in my living room and I’m using my electric blanket on my bed — which I’ve used numerous times this past summer. We don’t have whole house air conditioning but our house stays very cool no matter how warm it gets outside. And being a cold-natured person means I need more heated covers to keep me warm.

As I said last week, the squirrels are really active right now putting away nuts for the winter. It is quite fun to watch them but not so fun driving over the nuts on the driveway. The squirrels seem to like sitting on the driveway to eat the kernels in the nuts.

We love seeing all the Halloween decorations around town. I think people are getting into decorating for Halloween as much as they do for Christmas. And speaking of Christmas — Steve Bradley announced on FB that he and his crew will begin putting up the decorations in Riverfront Park on Nov. 1. He appreciates all the help he can get so if you feel froggy you might want to go by the park and offer your assistance. They have purchased a new nativity set which I am anxious to see. I'm not sure what hours they will be working but just drive by the park and you will know if Steve and his crew are working.

Our town lost a super citizen last week when Thurm Garrison passed away. Thurm worked very hard to make our town a better place when he served on the town council.

Thurm loved supporting the athletics programs at the schools. I remember the first time I met Thurm. Our high school football team had won the state football title in Class AA and it seemed like the whole town had gathered in front of the boys gym to celebrate the occasion. Thurm was there going from person to person with hugs galore. We saw each other at the same time and we both grabbed each other in celebration of the victory. We have been friends ever since that great evening.

Thurm was very active in the North United Methodist Church and had also served in the town council several years. Thurm was from Putnam County and I remember when he had relatives playing on the girls volleyball team when Buffalo was playing Ravenswood. He wanted his relatives to have good games (rightfully so) but he also had a soft spot in his heart for Ravenswood (it’s the same dilemma Robbie and I faced when Williamstown played Ravenswood). Thurm just liked to watch good competition with the hope that all players had fun and didn’t get injured. We’ll miss Thurm but we know he's now with our son Jamie and they can enjoy all the games together.

We want to send our sympathy out to Shirley Pannell in the loss of her son Patrick recently. Shirley has been a very active member of the quilters group at our center for many years. Patrick is also the grandfather of our great-grandchildren Savannah, Jakob and Isaac Simmons. Patrick will be missed by all his friends and family.

Ravenswood Senior Center

Ravenswood Senior News

Due to an increase in COVID-19 positives and exposures within the program it has been decided to keep staff and other participants safe we will remain with the grab-and-go meals at the senior center. If you have COVID or have been exposed, please notify the senior center. We will continue to serve everyone in a safe and cautious manner. If you have any questions you can call our center at 304-273-5648. You do need to call to make a meal reservation.

The Recycled Teenagers travel schedule for the rest of this 2021 travel season is as follows:

Nov. 6 we will travel to Columbus, Ohio, for a day of shopping. Meals are on your own this day.

Nov. 13 we will journey to Wheeling to view the Christmas displays throughout Oglebay Park. We will stop in St. Clairsville, Ohio, for shopping time at the mall. Dinner will be on your own at Melmann’s Cafeteria.

Nov. 16-18 we are going to Lancaster, Pa. We will see two biblical shows including “Queen Esther” and “The Christmas Tree Ship.” Two dinners including a family-style dinner and a Bird-in-Hand smorgasbord dinner are included in this trip. Shopping time will be at the Kitchen Kettle Village and the Rockvale and Tanger Outlets.

Dec. 6-9 we will travel to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, N.C. We will have a tour of the city of Asheville, visit the Folk Art Center, visit the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center and enjoy a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Three breakfasts and three dinners are included in this trip. The motor coach company we will be traveling on on this trip requires that all passengers have been vaccinated for the virus.

We have scheduled a trip to Hawaii for Feb. 23-March 4, 2023. Prices on this trip will vary according to the accommodations you choose. This is a Hawaiian cruise ship tour on the NCL’s Pride of America cruise ship. Some highlights include Waikiki Beach, Dole Pineapple Plantation, Polynesian Cultural Center, an Eastern Island shore tour, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu and many more sites in the area.

One-day trips must be paid in full when signing up for them. Multiple-day trips may be paid in installments as listed on the trip flyer. Insurance is available for multiple-day trips. All trip and insurance policies must be paid in separate checks.

You may call trip coordinator Kay Parsons at 304-372-3970 for more information on trips of your choice.

Have a great day!