Ravenswood Senior Center updates: Column

Mary Lou Robinson
Ravenswood Senior News

Riverfront Park provides a lot of entertainment if you have time to just sit in your vehicle and watch what is going on around you.

I told you about the eagle that appeared a couple of weeks ago that flew over our vehicle a couple of times. This past week it was two white egrets (or herons or cranes or whatever you want to call these fascinating birds). While the two white egrets were walking along the shore line the gray egret arrived also.

Then of course you watch for the barge traffic. You never know what you might see interspersed with the barges. Like Thursday evening (Sept. 30) when the River Rats were playing their music! The Queen of the Mississippi paddle wheel vessel managed to pass the park around 6:15 p.m. Everyone’s attention turned to the river while this Queen sailed down the river. Thanks to most people having cell phones with cameras there were a lot of pictures taken of the paddle wheel. It is a majestic vessel but I really think the Mississippi Queen is a much prettier paddle wheel. The Queen reminded me of when the Recycled Teenagers did a trip from Nashville, Tenn., to Cincinnati, Ohio, on The Explorer River Barge. It was a really fun eight days of traveling the waterway and seeing how barges pass through locks, etc.

Even though it isn’t REALLY funny we did get a kick out of the prank a couple of youngsters did at the park when they stole a pumpkin at the log cabin. Being posted on Facebook, the prank brought a lot of comments about the boys. We read the note the kids left with the returned pumpkin. It said “We are so sorry for doing this. We thought it would be funny but was very dumb. Here is your pumpkin back. Sorry.” It was written (printed, as schools do not teach cursive writing anymore) on notebook paper. I would guess the kid’s parents reprimanded them and that is all that is necessary. The kids learned a lesson so let’s be grateful the right thing was done in the end. It isn’t really necessary to know “who” the kids were. They know and will become better citizens for a lesson in life.

The park looked like it was filled to capacity Saturday evening prior to the Homecoming dance. High school kids were in abundance taking pictures around the log cabin and along the river side of the park. A new setting was built beside the cabin with flowers and a glider which made a great place for pictures. The Board of Parks had a hand in providing this scenic backdrop. It’s nice to see the teenagers all dressed up for the dances at the schools.

Every now and then you see one who was just a little kid such a short time ago. In my case it was Austin Lawrence! Austin and his grandparents sat beside me at the boys basketball games for several years while his brother played ball. I used to crochet doilies while at the games and Austin was fascinated with them. So I gave him one and the next game he told me he had given the doily to his mom. He was beaming with pride that he had given his mom a gift.

Anyway — Riverfront Park provides great entertainment. See you there!

Ravenswood Senior Center

Ravenswood Senior News

Some activities are now taking place at the senior center. I don’t really have a list so if you are interested in a particular activity just call the center at 304-273-5648 and our site supervisor Stephanie Rhodes will be glad to assist you.

Meals are being served. You also need to call Stephanie to order a meal and to see if it is pick-up only or if you can dine in the dining room.

The Recycled Teenagers travel schedule is as follows for the rest of 2021:

Oct. 29 we will travel to the Ohio Star Theater for The Isaacs Concert. A buffet meal at the Dutch Valley Restaurant is included in this trip.

Nov. 6 we are going to Columbus, Ohio, for a day of shopping. Meals are on your own this day.

Nov. 13 will be our annual trip to Wheeling to see the Christmas displays throughout Oglebay Park. We will stop in St. Clairsville for shopping at the mall on our way to Wheeling. Dinner will be on your at Melmann’s Cafeteria.

Nov. 16-18 we will travel to Lancaster, Pa. We will see two biblical shows including “Queen Esther” and “The Christmas Tree Ship.” Two dinners including a family-style dinner and a Bird-in-Hand smorgasbord dinner are included in this trip. Shopping time will be at the Kitchen Kettle Village and the Rockvale and Tanger Outlets.

Dec. 6-9 we will travel to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, N.C. We will have a guided tour of the city of Asheville, visit the Folk Art Center, visit the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center and enjoy a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Three breakfasts and three dinners are included in this trip. The motor coach company we will be traveling on on this trip requires that all passengers be vaccinated for the virus.

We have scheduled a trip to Hawaii for Feb. 23-March 4, 2023. You may pick up a detailed flyer at the center for more information of the cost of the trip and the places we will be going to. Trip price will vary according to the accommodations you choose for the fun Hawaiian cruise tour.

We remind you that insurance is available on all multiple-day trips. All trips and insurance policies must be paid in separate checks. You may call trip coordinator Kay Parsons at 304-372-3970 for more information on trips of your choice.

Have a great day!