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Mary Lou Robinson
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Happy Fourth of July weekend to everyone! This will be a busy weekend in our county with the Arts and Crafts Fair at Cedar Lakes and the activities in Ripley tomorrow as they celebrate our nation’s birthday with their annual parade and other activities and entertainment on the courthouse lawn. Hopefully we will be in attendance — depends on the weather.

I remember we always celebrated our country every morning in school as we stood and placed our right hand over our heart and repeated the Pledge of Allegiance. Every school day began this way. I would like to see this tradition returned — it may not happen in my lifetime but I thoroughly believe it will someday. It always brings tears to my eyes when I see young children place their hand over their heart when the national anthem is played at sporting events too.

The Monday Night Bass Hookers fishermen welcome new members to join in this fun fishing activity at Riverfront Park. They fish from 4:30-8:30 p.m. on Monday evening. The cost is $20 per boat per night. You may call Tommy Goodson at 304-532-7857 to learn more about this group.

Ravenswood Senior News

We are happy that our senior center is now partially reopened. We will be open five days a week beginning Tuesday, July 6, for serving of meals only. There will not be any activities when the centers first open. Some activities will be added later. Masks will not be required but may be worn if you choose to do so. Bullying over masks or vaccinations will not be tolerated. If you are sick, please stay home. You will enter through one door where there will be screenings conducted before you enter the building. Screenings will consist of temperature checks and questions to determine if you have come in contact with COVID-19. Tables will be arranged six feet apart as we must follow the CDC guidelines on social distancing.

We have a huge increase in meal deliveries; due to this we will not be able to transport to the center at this time. Once we are open and can see how many want to come to the center instead of getting home deliveries, we can hopefully start to transport.

All the meals will be served on disposable trays. There will be no self-service for drinks or condiments. You will enter the building and find your seat and then your meal and drinks will be brought to you. Doors open at 11 a.m. We will serve your meal at 11:15 a.m. You will have until noon to eat and then the building will close. We may need more dining time if we have more attend than we have seating for due to the six-feet-apart rule. You must reserve your meal in advance. If you are not on the list for a reserved meal you will not be able to enter the building. Due to limited space at some centers we must be precise with our meal counts and reserving. Pick-up meals will still be offered which may be picked up at our center from 10:30-11:30 a.m.

The pool is now open. Screenings will be conducted before entering the building. Limited numbers will be allowed in the pool. Appointments will need to be made to assure we don’t exceed attendance limits due to CDC social distancing. Phone calls will be made to schedule appointment times.

This isn’t the exact way we envisioned our reopening but we have rules and guidelines we must follow to stay open. We will be expanding services as we are able to do so. We ask you to be kind to our staff and everyone attending our center. We are just happy to have a start to normalcy once again.

The Recycled Teenagers 2021 Travel Schedule has had to alter their schedule from what was announced in the beginning of the year. If you have any questions concerning a trip you have planned on going on you may call our trip coordinator Kay Parsons at 304-372-3970 and she will gladly assist you.

One-day trips include The Guy Penrod Concert on July 24, The Isaacs Concert on Oct. 29, a shopping trip to Columbus, Ohio, on Nov. 6 and our annual trip to see the Christmas displays throughout Oglebay Park in Wheeling, W.Va., on Nov. 13. These trips must be paid in full when signing up for them. A meal at the Dutch Valley Restaurant is included in the Guy Penrod and Isaacs concerts. Meals are on your own on the Columbus and Wheeling trips.

Aug. 18 and 19 we will go to Kentucky to see the Ark Encounter which features Noah’s Ark. One lunch is included in this trip.

Aug. 28-Sept. 5 we will travel to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands and the Black Hills of South Dakota. We will visit Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, the Unique Journey Museum and the town of Deadwood and other places of interest in the area. Eight breakfasts and six dinners are included in this fabulous trip to the West.

Sept. 27-30 we will attend the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. We will have a day at Dollywood and enjoy several gospel music shows. Three breakfasts and three dinners are included in this trip.

Oct. 11-15 we travel to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada. You must have a passport for this trip. We will visit Niagara-on-the-Lake and Queen Victoria Park, see The Falls on a “Hornblower Niagara Cruise,” visit the CN Tower and visit other places of interest in Niagara Falls. Four breakfasts and four dinners are included in this trip.

Nov. 16-18 we will travel to Lancaster, Pa. We will see two biblical productions including “Queen Esther” and “The Christmas Tree Ship.” Two dinners including a family-style dinner and a Bird-in-Hand Smorgasbord dinner are included in this trip. Shopping time will be at the Kitchen Kettle Village and the Rockvale Square and Tanger Outlets.

Dec. 6-9 we are going to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, N.C. We will have a guided tour of the city of Asheville, visit the Biltmore Estates, visit the Folk Art Center, visit the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center and enjoy a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Three breakfasts and three dinners are included in this trip.

Multiple-day trips may be paid in installments as listed on the trip flyer. Insurance is available on multiple-day trips. All trips and insurance policies must be paid in separate checks.

We will be traveling on a Diamond Tours motor coach for the South Dakota, Niagara Falls and Biltmore trips. The company requires that all passengers are vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus.

Again — Happy July Fourth!!!!

Have a great day!