State & Ripley Chapter FFA News

Rayne Thompson
The Ag Kidd Corner
Rayne Thompson

Hello everyone! Time has passed and I have a few exciting updates to discuss. Starting with the State FFA and what is currently happening, then Ripley Chapter events going on now.

First, What’s the Tea West Virginia FFA? That’s something Kaley has made for our social media so make sure to check out the Facebook and Instagram pages. An exciting event that is coming up for the State is the Fall Leadership Conference, which is fast approaching. This will be virtual, like many of the events to come, and will be held sometime in November, dates are to be decided. What has been decided though, is the date when we will film our workshops for everyone who signs up to enjoy. We each created our own workshops and recorded them this past weekend, October 24-25, in preparation for the event next month. We have been working hard during these unprecedented times, so keep up-to-date on our social media. Find us on Facebook, West Virginia State FFA Officers, and Instagram @wv_ffa.

Also, don’t forget about the virtual National Convention this week, Tuesday, Oct. 27 (today) through Thursday, Oct. 29. Find more information on the National FFA website at convention.ffa.org.

Next, the Ripley Chapter news: The second round of apple sales have started. We have Fuji and Cameo apples for $32 per bushel along with Stayman/Winesap and Mountaineer York for $30 per bushel. Our chapter members are collecting orders for these West Virginia Grown Apples. Apples are priced by the variety and will be delivered fresh from the orchard. They are being supplied by Appalachian Orchard Company and are grown, harvested, and packaged in Berkeley County. Orders and payments are due Monday, Nov. 1, and please make checks payable to Ripley High School. These apple fundraisers are taking the place of our annual Fall Harvest and Cane Stripping, due to the current circumstances in the world.

To place an order, either get in touch with a member or you can find Mr. Canterbury’s contact on the Ripley High School’s webpage.

There isn’t much going on currently, but when I learn more, I will keep you updated. That’s all for now!

Signing off, this is Rayne Thompson for the West Virginia State and Ripley Chapter FFA.

Remember, I hope the sun shines on a rainy day to create a rainbow in the sky.