Mooney is working for Jackson County

Staff Writer
Jackson Newspapers
U.S. Congressman Alex Mooney

Far too often, politicians come through our cities and towns, making promises and shaking hands that eventually lead to, well, empty promises and sweaty hands. Creating jobs, paving roads, improving our education. Singing the same tune to the same song.

However, every once in awhile, you get a representative that is actually working for the people: and I’m confident that Congressman Alex Mooney is just that.

Congressman Mooney has once again helped secure millions in federal dollars to the city of Ripley and Jackson County. Thanks to the work of Mooney, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the USDA’s Rural Development investment, these grants will fund major improvements to both drinking water and sewer systems throughout the city and county, benefiting every day West Virginians.

As a resident of Jackson County, I appreciate this effort of restoring and improving our utility infrastructure systems, which will also contribute to economic growth in our communities.

I will proudly be voting for Congressman Mooney this November to continue on this path of growth, restoration, and development in Jackson County.

Natasha Lemley, Ravenswood