State and Ripley FFA chapter officers announced

Rayne Thompson
The Ag Kid Corner
Rayne Thompson

Hello everyone, remember little ole me? I have been very busy with things in my personal life, but we are finally back in school and I have some very important updates.

The first thing I would like to mention is the West Virginia State FFA officers this year, for I am included in that list. Your 2020-2021 West Virginia State FFA officers are president Creed Ammons, secretary Emily Yates, Central Region vice president Zane Cogar, Eastern Region vice president Kaley Sponaugle, Northcentral Region vice president Natalie Phillips, Northeastern Region vice president Lucas Moreland, Northwestern Region vice president Jocelyn Prado, Southwestern Region vice president Marlee Noris, and finally, At-Large vice president, your very own Rayne Thompson!

This year will be full of challenges for the officers and members, but we are trying to make the most of it. I will do my best to keep you updated here in the paper, as well as on Instagram @wv_ffa and Facebook at West Virginia FFA State Officers. The next state event that will be going on will be the Fall Leadership Conference which will be sometime in November; updates will be announced.

Speaking of officers, I would like to announce who is in office this year at the Ripley chapter. Your president this school year is Ashlyn Donohew, secretary Bailey Sayre, and your four vice presidents are Austin Anderson, Jason Cline, Kaylee Donohew, and Hallie Turley. It will be a rough year for them the way school is set up currently, but I’m wishing them luck during these trying times. I will be helping them along the way as well if they so desire, and I’ll bounce ideas off them for State activities too. We all know the importance of keeping in touch over social media and will use it to keep active with our members.

Next item of business, back to school for Ripley FFA. After a long while of uncertainty, we were finally able to go back to school and get things on a roll. After talking to Mr. Canterbury about the near future of Ripley’s chapter activities, he confirmed with me that we will be doing a fall fundraiser. It is an apple fundraiser. Mr. Canterbury got in contact with a supplier who is willing to work with us, and there will even be two different sale times due to some apples will be harvested later than others.

The first round of apples will consist of Red Delicious, Gold Delicious, and McIntosh for $30/bushel and Gala for $32/bushel. We will be taking orders on the first round until the end of September and the orders should be in around Oct. 12. If this first round goes well, we will have a second-round and a new selection of apples, consisting of Fuji and Cameo for $32/bushel, along with Stayman and Mountaineer for $30/bushel. All apples will be freshly picked after orders are placed. If you’re interested, get in touch with me on Facebook, a Ripley FFA member, or Mr. Craig Canterbury at the high school. His contact information can be found on the Ripley High School website.

Not a lot going on currently due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, but I will try my best to keep you updated. That’s all I have for right now.

Signing off, this is Rayne Thompson for the Ripley FFA.


I hope the sun shines on a rainy day to create a rainbow in the sky.