Pro-abortion activists ‘never allow a good crisis go to waste’

Representative Alex X. Mooney
Jackson Newspapers

Human life is sacred. Today, the tragic reality is life is under attack by pro-abortion activists who are using the coronavirus pandemic to drive their anti-life agenda.

Speaker Pelosi’s most recent $3 trillion spending bill is a left-wing wish list, which includes benefits for illegal immigrants and funding to restart former President Obama’s War on Coal. Pelosi’s bill also shamelessly incentivizes abortion providers to apply for federal small business grants. Congress created the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to provide grants to struggling small businesses like barbershops and restaurants, which have been forcibly closed. Now Speaker Pelosi and Democrats in Congress just voted to make these same taxpayer-funded grants available to abortion providers.

Thirty-seven affiliates of the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, have already defrauded taxpayers to receive over $80 million in PPP funds. Planned Parenthood manipulated the system to receive taxpayer funds, despite being a wealthy organization with over $2 billion in net assets. Planned Parenthood received these funds because they had their affiliates who have less than 500 employees apply. These funds should be immediately returned. When I learned about this misconduct, I urged the Small Business Administration to fully investigate how these loans were made and if the law was violated by Planned Parenthood.

Additionally, while elective surgeries and other medical visits were prohibited, abortions were still permitted in most of the country. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals were laid off, while Planned Parenthood continued to perform taxpayer-funded abortions.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, abortion clinics have continued to destroy the lives of unborn babies. While everyone else sacrificed to protect life during this pandemic, Planned Parenthood continued to perform abortions and received taxpayer funding to end lives.

As your representative in Congress, I am proud to be a co-sponsor of the Protecting Life in Crisis Act, which would prevent coronavirus relief from funding abortions. I will continue to fight for Hyde Amendment protections to ensure your taxpayer dollars do not fund abortions.

We must never grow weary in defending the sanctity of all human life. The response to the coronavirus pandemic has rightfully been about protecting each individual life. We should show the same dedication when it comes to protecting each life in the womb.