Ravenswood Adopt-A-Family plans for Christmas Eve deliveries

Sally Carter, Ravenswood Adopt-A-Family
Special to Jackson Newspapers

Final preparations are being made for Ravenswood Adopt-A-Family’s Christmas Eve deliveries.

When the Adopt-A-Family Screening Committee met on Dec. 15, they approved an additional 19 families for adoption.

Volunteers have been gathering and placing items aside for the families who have not been adopted by groups, organizations, businesses or individuals. Since Dec. 13, volunteers have also been shopping for clothing items needed and wrapping presents. They are making sure all the families who have been approved will have a wonderful Christmas.

Volunteers will be needed Thursday, Dec. 23, at 9 a.m. to shop for groceries for the families the committee will be responsible for adopting. Anyone who has a couple of hours to give can be a big help by going grocery shopping.

Donations arriving this week include $100 (anonymous); Silverton United Methodist Women’s Society, $100; $100 (anonymous); Judith Blare, $100; Belinda Blare, $100; Robert Blare, $100; $100 (anonymous); $150 (anonymous); $200 (anonymous); and Mr. and Mrs. James Seals, $40.

Shawn McKenna, member of the Jackson County Emergency Medical Services, had a suggestion six years ago for the EMS to fill an ambulance with toys for needy children in Jackson County. Members of the ambulance crews brought a fully loaded trailer of new toys, including six new bicycles, games, dolls, etc., which would be worth several hundred dollars, to Adopt headquarters. All the ambulance crews had volunteered their time to do the events which included an auction at Sandyville Senior Citizens Center, at Kenna and Coopers Auction House, two drive-by collections and parking in front of Ripley Walmart on Dec. 11. These donations saved the adopt committee several hundred dollars and it is greatly appreciated by the policy committee.

The Jackson County Emergency Medical Services donated a full trailer of new toys to the Ravenswood Adopt-A- Family program.

Those who have adopted families need to have their parcels to the Ravenswood station on Thursday, Dec. 23, from 1-7 p.m. Do not arrive at the station early, the trucks are not moved out of the bays until after noon. Volunteers will be needed at the fire station from 1-7 p.m. to help unload the parcels for adopting groups.

Volunteers with four-wheel drive vehicles and pick-up trucks are needed Friday, Dec. 24, at 8 a.m. to help with delivering items to the families adopted. Volunteers are also needed at that time to help load the parcels into delivery vehicles. Out-of-town deliveries begin at 8 a.m. and city deliveries begin at 9 a.m.