County Commission pays off Law Enforcement Building Bond early

Suzette Lowe
Jackson County Courthouse

The Jackson County Commission took a step at its July 14 meeting that will assist in moving forward on the proposed animal shelter.

Using COVID-19 Payroll Reimbursement Funds received in December 2020, Commissioners Dick Waybright and Mitch Morrison approved the final payment of $245,720.08 on the Law Enforcement Building Bond. The bond, which has been in place since 2014, will be paid off in August.

The reimbursement was disbursed to various agencies such as 911 and EMS but public safety moneys, which included law enforcement, stayed in the general fund. According to Waybright, these funds were the least restrictive of any received from the federal government.

“It was pretty much up to our discretion as to how the money could be used since they were reimbursement not grants,” he said. “With this bond being cleared, we can look at getting a bond for the animal shelter. That’s the next step.”

The animal shelter is projected to cost approximately $2.4 million.

Upgrading the heating and cooling system at the courthouse will enter into phase two.

A grant from the Courthouse Facility Improvement Agency (CIFA) is allowing more offices to be addressed. The $100,000 grant must be matched at a minimum of 50 percent by the county. The tax department, along with the fiduciary offices, will be the focus of this funding.

Marie McCauley form Sillling Architects, opened the lone bid received for phase two. Daugherty Company submitted a bid of $191,870 which the commission approved subject to review.

Before moving into executive session to consider a concrete construction project request by Sheriff Ross Mellinger and a personnel matter with Emergence Medical Service Director Troy Bain, neither of which received action upon adjournment, commissioners:

  • Approved Budget Revision #1 to the general county fund which included carryover of grant and fund balances.
  • Approved Budget Revision #2 to the Coal Severance Fund which included carryover funds.
  • Approved a state contract mail machine lease with Pitney Bowles for a five-year commitment; no bid process was required due to the contract the state has with the company.
  • Approved the employment of Jason Myers as full-time data collector the assessor’s office effective July 16.
  • The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 21, at 9:30 a.m. at the courthouse.