Jackson County Schools announces extended school year services for students with disabilities


According to a release from Jackson County Schools, in accordance with state and federal regulations, the school system operates an Extended School Year Program (ESY) for students with disabilities who require special education and related services in excess of the regular school year to maintain identified critical skills. The ESY program is conducted during the summer months and is staffed by personnel trained to deliver appropriate special education and related services.

The IEP team must review available documentation to determine that the student exhibits, or may exhibit:

  • Significant regression during an interruption in educational programming.
  • A limited ability to recoup or relearn skills once programming has resumed.
  • Regression/recoupment problems that interfere with the maintenance of identified critical skills as described in the current IEP.

Parents of children whose current IEPs include extended school year services will be contacted by mail regarding the 2021 ESY program. Any parent/legal guardian of a child whose current IEP does not include documentation of continued services, but believes that the child demonstrates a regression/recoupment problem, should contact the child’s teacher or principal to arrange for a meeting to discuss the potential need for extended school year services. For more information, call 304-372-7309.