Ravenswood High School graduation information and awards


Class of 2021

Motto: We survived everything

Flower: Red and White Roses

Colors: Red and Silver

Song: Fireball! by Brian Beck

Valedictorian: Cora Farra

Salutatorian: Houston Kessell

Class Officers

President: Noah Smithson

Vice President: Case Fletcher

Treasurer: Emalee Liptrap

Historian: Myna Spencer

Representatives: Savannah Bibbee, Seth Marra, Hannah Rhodes, Hollie Hord, Taylor Heath

Class Counselor: Shelly Updegrave

Class Sponsors

Mark Anderson

Gary Braham

Toni Burks

Leanna Gladden

Julie Speece

Nancy McCoy


Virgil T. Hupp Memorial, 29th Year

Mr. Andy Hupp $2,500: Emily Hunter

American Legion Post #107, 1st Year

Dalton Moore: American Legion Post #107

Mr. Ben Baker $500: Dalton Moore

BB&T/ Robert K. Park Memorial $500, 68th Year

Ms. Michele Sargent: Savannah Bibbee

City National Bank, 14th Year

Ms. Susan Gerstell $500: Savannah Bibbee

Charles M. Shaver Memorial Athletic $500, 7th Year

Ms. Taylor Love, Ms. Dee Scritchfield and Mr. Butch Shaver: Zoey Matthews

Constellium-Skilled Trades, 2nd Year

Constellium Skilled Trades Scholarship students are, from left to right, Joseph Chambers, Iann Barton, Dalton Moore, Tyler Casto and Case Fletcher.

Ms. Leigh Ann Kerns: Iann Barton, Tyler Casto, Joe Chambers, Case Fletcher, Dalton Moore


Ms. Leigh Ann Kerns $1,000: Jacob Murray

First Baptist Church, 2nd Year

Pastor Toby Wagoner and Deacon Kevin Woods $500: Myna Spencer

Jack L. Pursley

Ms. Amy Perdue and Ms. Kay Pursley $200: Jasmine Naylor

JoAnn Christy Memorial $750, 17th Year

Ms. Gail Varney: Annie Hunt

John Mellinger Memorial, 6th Year

Mr. Ross Mellinger $500: Blake Thompson

Lance Ritchie Memorial, 3rd Year

Ms. Rhonda Ritchie $500: Natalie Williams

Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Awards

SDR, Mr. Doug Ritchie $1,000: Houston Kessell

Delta Kappa Gamma, 42nd Year

Ms. Phyllis Fox $500: Zoey Matthews

Jackson County Community Foundation Awards

Ms. Rayna O’Dell

Conrad and Edra McCoy Memorial $600: Jenna Hafer

Deborah Gandee Dudding Memorial $1,000, Jamie Naylor

Dr. Charles Kelly Memorial $500: Grant Thacker

Harold E. & Catherine Cook Fox Memorial $1,000: Taylor Heath

Jackson County Community Foundation $750: Emalee Liptrap

James F. Porter $475: Cora Farra

Lola Randolph Memorial $875: Jacob Mattox

Marcus McPhail Memorial $875: Seth Marra

RHS Friends & Alumni $1,000: Jasmine Naylor

Rod Hudson Memorial $1,000: Anna Hunt

Jeffrey Fitzwater Memorial, 37th Year

Ms. Renee Knapp $200: Savannah Bibbee

Joyce Good-Pitchford, 16th Year

Ms. Renee Knapp $200: Grant Thacker

Donna Griffith Memorial/Rave Revue $200, 20th Year

Ms. Renee Knapp: Caleb Maxson

Jeremy Lemley Memorial, 28th Year

Ms. Ethel Lemley $1,000: Skylar Deem

Murraysville CEOS Club in Memory of Saundra Lattea, 34th Year

Ms. Gina Taylor $500: Sarah Smith

Ravenswood High School Alumni, 25th Year

Ms. Kathy Carmichael $500: Olivia Shriver

WVU Medicine - Jackson General Hospital Auxiliary, 43rd Year

Jamie Naylor: WVU Medicine - JGH Auxiliary

Ms. Susan Gerstell $1,000: Jamie Naylor

Peter Prasad COVID19, 1st Year

Mr. Luke Swiney $2,000: Kailey Durback

Catron Family, 4th Year

Mr. Luke Swiney

$125: Jamie Naylor

$125: Jasmine Naylor

Silverton Grange # 506, 15th Year

Mr. Luke Swiney

$200: Jamie Naylor

$200: Jasmine Naylor

Jackson County Bus Driver’s Association in Memory of Gary Hughes, 3rd Year

Ms. Tara Tatalovich $500: Sarah Smith

WV Grasslands

Ms. Tara Tatalovich $500: Sarah Smith

Irene Tregoning Rogers Memorial, 15th Year

Ms. Rosemary Burdette $1,000 x 4: Houston Kessell and Caleb Maxson

Robert & Sallie Park English Award, 60th Year

Houston Kessell: Robert & Sallie Park English Award

Ms. Rosemary Burdette $500: Houston Kessell

Sandyville Senior Center, 4th Year

Ms. Rosemary Burdette

$500: Olivia Shriver

$500: Houston Kessell

GFWC Ravenswood Civic Club, 51st Year

Mr. Brent Jones $250: Olivia Shriver

Jackson County Democratic Women’s Club, 3rd Year

Blake Thompson: Jackson County Democratic Women's Club

Mr. Brent Jones $250: Blake Thompson

Lewis Ressegger Memorial, 4th Year

Mr. Brent Jones $1,000: Cora Farra

JM Industrial, 6th Year

Ms. Susan Gerstell $500: Jacob Mattox

O.J. Stout

Ms. Susan Gerstell: Jacob Mattox

Sandyville Community Pride, 2nd Year

Ms. Susan Gerstell $500: Jacob Mattox

Premier Bank, 16th Year

Ms. Hailey Miller $300: Natalie Williams

Sarah Naas Memorial Art, 11th Year

Ms. Hailey Miller $300: Emalee Liptrap

Ravenswood Federal Credit Union, 18th Year

Ms. Hailey Miller

$500: Hannah Rhodes

$500: Peyton Roush

Virginia D. King Memorial, 13th Year

Ms. Shelly Updegrave $700: Zoey Matthews

Alpha Delta Kappa Winnie Casto Memorial, 39th Year

Ms. Shelly Updegrave $300: Zoey Matthews

McKay Coast

Ms. Polla Johnson $500: Hayden Reynolds

WesBanco Bank, 62nd Year

Ms. Polla Johnson $500: Seth Marra

Stan McClure Memorial, 4th Year

Ms. Sheena Franklin

$1,000: Annie Hunt

$1,000: Seth Marra

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS (Award amounts may be subject to change based on tuition changes and funding)

Fairmont State University (Ms. Theresa Twigg)

Samantha Hines

Jed & Vicki Smith School Sch.: $500

Glenville State College (Ms. Angelica Nichols )

Savannah Bibbee

Directors Scholarship: $1,000 * 4 = $4,000

Joseph Reynolds

Directors Scholarship: $1,000 * 4 = $4,000

Jamie Naylor

Directors Scholarship: $1,500 *4 = $6,000

Alison Philpott

Directors Scholarship: $1,500 * 4 = $6,000

Jacob Mattox

Deans Scholarship: $2,000 * 4 = $8,000

Marshall University (Mr. Matthew Groves)

Jamie Naylor

Get Started Sch. (Level 3): $1,500 * 4 = $6,000

Alexandra Harvey

Get Started Sch. (Level 4): $1,250 * 4 = $5,000

Grant Thacker

A. Michael Perry, Imma Blake: $2,500 * 4 = $10,000

Ohio University (Ms. Toni Burks)

Cora Farra

Admission Promise: $2,000 * 4 = $8000

Excellence Scholar: $5,500 * 4 = $22,000

Trustee Award: $3,500 * 4 = $14,000


Zoey Matthews

Ohio Commitment: $2,000 * 4 = $8000

Ohio Trustee Award: $4,000 * 4 = $16,000

Ohio Excellence Scholar: $2,500 * 4 = $10,000

Ohio Admissions Promise: $2,000 * 4 = $8,000


WVU Potomac State College (Ms. Toni Burks)

Sarah Smith

Go First Sch.: $800 * 4 = $3200

West Virginia Wesleyan College (Ms. Shelly Updegrave)

Brad Fint

Presidential Sch.: $17,000 * 4 = $68,000

Wesleyan Grant: $5,000 * 4 = $20,000


Emily Hunter

Presidential Sch.: $17,000 * 4 = $68,000

Mason Crickard Sch.: $1,000 * 4 = $4,000


Wheeling University (Ms. Shelly Updegrave)

Anna Hunt

High Honors Merit Sch.: $16,000 * 4 = $64,000

Women’s Basketball Sch.: $6,600 * 4 = $26,400

West Virginia University (Susan Gerstell)

Mychal Boggs

Deans’s Level 1 Sch.: $2,000 * 4 = $8,000

Sch. of Distinction (Level 1): $4,000 * 4 = $16,000


Houston Kessell

Sch. of Distinction (Level 1): $4,000 * 4 = $16,000

Emalee Liptrap

Deans’s Level 2 Sch.: $1,500 * 4 = $6,000

Go First Level 2 with the Sch. of Distinction (Level 3): $2,500 * 4 = $10,000


Seth Marra

Deans’s Level 2 Sch.: $1,500 * 4 = $6,000

Go First Level 2 with the Sch. of Distinction (Level 3): $2,500 * 4 = $10,000


Caleb Maxon

Go First Level 2 with the Sch. of Distinction (Level 3): $2,500 * 4 = $10,000

Jasmine Naylor

Go First Level 2 with the Sch. of Distinction (Level 3): $2,500 * 4 = $10,000

Savannah Vance

Go First Sch. (Level 5): $750 * 4 = $3,000

Gracie Yeager

G Belmont Berry Sch.: $1,000 * 4 = $4,000

Go First Sch. (Level 5): $750 * 4 = $3,000


West Virginia University at Parkersburg (Dr. Torie Jackson)

Skylar Deem

Presidential Sch.: $3,840 * 4 = $15,360 (amount varies based on programs)


Armed services recognition, Post Commander Jerry McCommack

Air Force – Logan Mellinger

Army Reserves – Ryan Mattox

VFW Post #6669 Outstanding Athletes, Post Commander Jerry McCommack

Volleyball – Hallie Bigley and Hannah Rhodes

Girls’ Soccer – Emily Hunter

Boys’ Soccer – Seth Marra

Football – Ethan Lane

Wrestling – Wyatt Milhoan

Girls’ Basketball – Annie Hunt

Boys’ Basketball – Matthew Carte

Cheerleading – Gracie Yeager

Girl’s Archery – Natalie Williams

Boy’s Archery – Blake Shupp

Golf – Cameron Taylor

Girl’s Tennis – Ashley Wright

Boy’s Tennis – Mychal Boggs

Girl’s Cross Country – Hadleigh McGoskey & Emily Wratchford

Boy’s Cross Country – Cade Curfman

Girl’s Track – Lauren Raynes

Boy’s Track – Cade Curfman

Softball – To be determined.

Baseball – To be determined.

Raymond D. West Memorial Awards, Post Commander Jerry McCommack

Annie Hunt: Raymond D. West Memorial Red Devilette of the Year

Annie Hunt - Red Devilette of the Year

Mychal Boggs: Raymond D. West Memorial Ravenswood Red Devil of the Year

Mychal Boggs - Red Devil of the Year

Triple Letter Awards, Mr. Wes Swain


Lindsay Carroll – Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball

Carlee Hupp – Cheerleading, Soccer, Softball

Brooke Meadows – Cross Country, Basketball, Softball

Maci Mosser – Cross Country, Basketball, Track

Haley Ward – Cheerleading, Soccer, Track

Emily Wratchford – Cross County, Basketball, Softball


Logan Alfred – Cross County, Basketball, Baseball

Blake Ball – Football, Basketball, Baseball

Cameron Taylor – Golf, Basketball, Baseball

Ethan Tanner – Soccer, Football, Wrestling


Promise Scholarship per year = $4,750 x 4 = $19,000 x 7 students = $133,000

Mychal Boggs, Cora Farra, Annie Hunt, Houston Kessell, Jacob Mattox, Sarah Smith, Grant Thacker

JC Board of Education Awards, Mr. Luke Swiney/Ms. Shelly Updegrave

Seniors with a first semester GPA of 3.75 or higher

Seniors Receiving Letters:

Savannah Bibbee, Skylar Deem, Alexandra Harvey, Zoey Matthews, Joseph Reynolds, Julia Ruiz, Taina Ruiz, Jaleigh Thompson, Savannah Vance, Gracie Yeager

Seniors Receiving Chevrons:

Mychal Boggs, Kailey Durback, Cora Farra, Bradley Fint, Taylor Heath, Samantha Hines, Anna Hunt, Emily Hunter, Houston Kessell, Emalee Liptrap, Seth Marra, Jacob Mattox, Ryan Mattox, Caleb Maxson, Sabrina Mills, Dalton Moore, Jacob Murray, Jamie Naylor, Jasmine Naylor, Alison Philpott, Benjamin Queen, Hannah Rhodes, Sarah Smith, Myna Spencer, Grant Thacker, Taylor Tribett, Natalie Williams

Daughters of American Revolution, Mr. Luke Swiney

Cora Farra

Citizenship Bowl, Mr. Luke Swiney

Natalie Williams

Advanced Placement, Mr. Luke Swiney

Houston Kessell – AP Rural & Small Town Scholar

Emalee Liptrap – AP Rising Scholar (Cord)

Ravenswood High School Partner of the Year, Mr. Luke Swiney

The City of Ravenswood/Ms. Kim Benson

Ravenswood High School Parent of the Year, Mr. Luke Swiney

Ms. Mandy Kennedy

Ravenswood High School Service Personnel of the Year, Mr. Luke Swiney

Ms. Sierra Bever

Ravenswood High School Teacher of the Year, Mr. Luke Swiney

Mr. Jason Miihlbach


Art, Ms. Hailey Miller

Art – Alexandra Harvey

Art 4 – Autumn O’Connell

Agriscience, Ms. Tara Tatalovich

Ag Construction and Repair – Iann Barton

Ag Leadership – Sarah Smith

Ag Co-Op – Rachel Vandergrift

Small Animal Care – Samantha Hines

Advanced Floriculture – Jamie Naylor

Business, Ms. Kathy Hudson

Co-Op – Seth Marra

English, Ms. Rosemary Burdette, Ms. Cindy Carmichael

Literature and Film 2nd Semester – Jamie Naylor

Yearbook – Jamie Naylor

Dual Credit English – Annie Hunt

English 12 – Alexandra Harvey

Dual Credit Public Speaking – Hannah Rhodes

Mythology – Adam Longwell

Accelerated Reader 6th place – Jenna Hafer

History, Mr. Chase Jarrell

AP U.S. History – Houston Kessell

Health, Math, & Science, Mr. Brent Jones

Advanced Health Co Student – Jamie Naylor

Transition Math – Bradley Fint

Forensic Science – Emalee Liptrap

Environmental Science – Sarah Smith

Physics – Cora Farra

Human Physiology – Cora Farra

Tech Ed, Mr. Andrew Bourgeois

Technology Education – Ryan Mattox

Computer Coder at RJTC – Alexander Schoonover

$200 RJTC STEM Recognition Award – Alexander Schoonover