Heritage Christian Academy students show off their projects for science fair

Emily Scritchfield, student teacher
Pictured, left to right, are: Back, Ralphie Rhodes, Jaelynn Akers, Alyssa Charles, Wright Akers and Davy Boggs; front, Rodney Rhodes, Emma Tuttle, Amelia Blain and Amillia Workman.

The elementary students of Heritage Christian Academy held their science fair on Monday, April 19.

The students were very excited to show off the experiments and demonstrations they had been working on.

The projects ranged from homemade lava lamps, floating liquids, rubber eggs, elephant toothpaste and many more.

The lower elementary second-grader Amillia Workman won first place for her tornado in a bottle.

First-grader Rodney Rhodes took home second place for his demonstration on water not leaking from a bag.

In the upper elementary, fifth-grader David Boggs won first place with his homemade volcano.

Fellow fifth-grader Ralph Rhodes received second for his demonstration of freezing point depression.

Judges were Patricia O’Neil and Eric Blain.

The science fair was a huge hit and the students of Heritage Christian Academy were proud of their accomplishments.