Folk artist from Ravenswood releases new single 'Rattlesnake Root'

Luke Sadecky

Huntington based singer/songwriter Luke Sadecky, originally from Ravenswood, offers up a lyrical folk tune with his new single “Rattlesnake Root,” that was set to be released May 3.

"Rattlesnake Root" cover art

“Rattlesnake Root,” the lead single from Sadecky’s impending sophomore album, is an ode to gaining the confidence to better know yourself. Backed by the driving tone from the honeyed melodies of the mandolin, “Rattlesnake Root” artfully evokes spring’s renewal.

Sadecky’s inspiration for the tune arose from learning about the wildflower of the same name. “I had never heard of it before, but the idea came almost instantly when I saw the name. This song is for the times in my past where people would tell me what they thought would be best for me,” said Sadecky. “This idea is paired with the beautiful things that bloom up in the spring, the nice memories and the seasons of life that come every year.”

Sadecky signed with Mon Hills Records in the spring of 2018.

He made his album debut in 2019 with his seven-track album River Why. Sadecky’s debut album shared his experiences with love and loneliness through his emotive lyricism and infectious melodies, all while staying true to his Appalachian roots.

“I recognize that there is plenty of room to grow as a songwriter, but I do think I can listen to this album and appreciate that my writing has improved since River Why. I am pretty pumped about these tunes and I’m excited to enjoy it with people when it releases.”

“Rattlesnake Root” can be heard on all major streaming platforms. Sadecky’s album will be available later this spring. To stay updated with Luke, visit the following links:

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