Natural Helpers ready to start working at Ripley Middle School

Susan Jones
RMS new Natural Helpers trainees are: Row 1, Kaden Jeffers, Alyssa Jordan, Chloe Slaven, Aubrey Cox, Rihya Bennett and Jenna Wyer; row 2, Ryan Tolley, Parker Keller, Eli Jenkins, Braden Sias, Zoey Boggess and Isabella Smith; row 3, Lacey Counts, Alyssa Kay, Shelby Keefer, Austin Donohew, Callie Bonecutter and Ethan Kay; row 4, Baylee Hall, Tiffany Fisher, Landon Meadows, Chris Patterson, Carter Neal and Noah Freshour. Absent: Adrian Shaver.

Twenty-five new Natural Helpers have been trained at Ripley Middle School. These students have joined the others previously trained for a total of 55 members in the group.

Natural Helpers are advised by counselors Susan Jones and Jay Hamilton and teacher Denita Dale.

The group receives additional training each month throughout their years at RMS on such topics as conflict resolution, stress management and peer mediation, as well as reporting issues such as bullying and self-harm.

Natural Helpers is also an active service and leadership organization, assisting with Adopt-a-Family, Veteran’s Day activities, school beautification, special education buddies and new student orientation.