Former JCCF executive director charged with embezzlement

Barbara Layton
Jackson Newspapers

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Jackson County Courthouse, Christina Suzette Sizemore, 41, of Cottageville was recently charged with embezzlement by misuse of power of attorney.

The Jackson County Community Foundation (JCCF) is responsible for managing funds and donations that go to benefit community programs such as the Ripley Adopt-A-Family program.

During the dates of March 6, 2019, to December of 2019, the complaint states that Sizemore, who at the time was the executive director of the JCCF, embezzled approximately $20,000 from the JCCF and Jackson County Rotary Club, both nonprofit organizations.

According to the complaint, Sizemore had the fiduciary responsibility for orchestrating the purchasing and disbursement of resources and monies donated to the foundation. Holding the position of executive director, she had also been assigned a company credit card to make business-specific purchases on behalf of the nonprofit organization.

The complaint states that Sizemore made multiple purchases on the company credit card for her own personal use in addition to embezzling approximately $3,641 in cash donations that were made directly to the nonprofit organization.

According to the complaint, the allegations were supported by receipts, audit documentation, and witness statements, as well as Sizemore’s statement.