Man wounded in knife altercation

Barbara Layton
Jackson Newspapers

According to a criminal complaint recently filed at the Jackson County Magistrate’s office, Cody Dillon Clevenger, 19, was involved in a physical altercation at his residence on Flinn Street in Ravenswood on Sunday, Sept. 27.

Patrolman Abel of the Ravenswood Police Department was dispatched to the scene whereas he was pulling up, dispatch informed him that a man had received a laceration that was caused by a knife fight.

Upon arriving at the scene, Patrolman Abel met Clevenger in the front yard and asked him who had a knife, to which Clevenger stated “he does” referring to the victim.

Patrolman Abel entered the home and saw the victim standing over the sink holding a blood-soaked towel to his left forearm. The officer immediately holstered his firearm and applied a tourniquet.

The patrolman then took Clevenger back outside to search him for open wounds. The complaint states Clevenger’s left side of his face, head, and neck were covered in blood, along with blood on both of his knees and his clothing.

The EMS arrived and loaded the victim in the ambulance and took him to be checked out at the hospital.

Clevenger was taken back inside the property and thoroughly looked over by the Ravenswood Fire Department.

Patrolman Abel spoke with a witness who stated the victim and Clevenger got involved in a verbal argument and when Clevenger was pushed away by the victim, the argument turned into a physical altercation and Clevenger had a knife in his pocket. Following a struggle through the home, the witness then said she began seeing blood on the wall and that’s when the altercation ended.

Clevenger was then read his rights by Patrolman Abel and placed under arrest for malicious wounding.