Gibbs arrested for Grand Larceny

Barbara Layton
Joel Gibbs

Police Corporal R. Bargerstock of the Ravenswood Police Department responded to call from 515 Washington Street in Ravenswood on July 13, for a report of a stolen vehicle. According to the Jackson County E911 operator, a gold Chevrolet Blazer was stolen from the parking lot of the Par Mar gas station and was last seen heading north on WV-68.

Bargerstock advised the E911 operator to contact the Wood County Sheriff’s Department and provide a description of the stolen vehicle in case it would enter Wood County.

Per the complaint, Bargerstock then returned to Par Mar to speak with the complainant who advised he pulled into the parking lot near the propane tanks and went inside. While entering the facility, the complainant stated he recognized a male, Joel Gibbs, a family member of his, sitting outside the front of the store in a green hooded sweatshirt.

According to the police report, while inside the store, the complainant heard a vehicle rev its engine. When he turned to look for his vehicle, he noticed his gold Chevrolet Blazer leaving the parking lot. He confirmed that he had left his keys in the ignition upon exiting the vehicle to enter the store.

Bargerstock then spoke with a couple of witnesses who were in a vehicle near the gas pump. According to the complaint, both parties stated they observed the male in the green hooded sweatshirt enter the vehicle and leave the parking lot.

At approximately 4:20 p.m., Bargerstock was advised by E911 that the Wood County Sheriff’s Department was in pursuit of a vehicle matching the description of the one stolen.

Per the police report, the vehicle wrecked into a house in the area of New England Ridge Road off of 68N while attempting to flee from the Wood County deputies.

Bargerstock was advised the subject was in custody. After positively identifying the male subject as Joel Adam Gibbs, he was transported to Camden Clark Hospital to be evaluated for injuries sustained in the incident.

A warrant was issued and Gibbs was arrested for Grand Larceny.

“I commend the quick work of our officer and the cooperation from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office in this case; had it not been for both, this vehicle would not have been recovered as quickly as it was,” Ravenswood Chief of Police Lance Morrison said. “The pursuit in Wood County ended in a dangerous manner; and in a time when law enforcement is under attack, we are reminded that officers who knew nothing of our case, and nothing of our victim, were willing to put their lives at risk, and we would have done the same. God bless one of the most honorable professions known to man.”