Tresten Williams returns home after eight weeks in the hospital

Katelyn Waltemyer
Jackson Newspapers
Tresten Williams was welcomed home by a handful of family and friends Friday afternoon.

RAVENSWOOD Cheers filled Fitzhugh Street as Tresten Williams waved to family and friends as he came home after a two-month stint in the hospital. Williams walked out of the car and began hugging family, and even strangers. 

Brody Eades, the 12-year-old who ran to get help after Tresten crashed into a brick wall, hugged him Friday afternoon. Tresten doesn't remember the accident, but that didn't stop him from thanking Eades for his help. 

Tears were shed. 

"I can't quit crying," Ruth Sergent, a pastor at Praise Cathedral said.

When Tresten was in a coma, doctors weren't sure he would survive. The community held a prayer vigil at Praise Cathedral in August, and his family credits Tresten's recovery to the prayers he received. 

Before leaving Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, Friday morning, all of the healthcare workers that helped Tresten gave him notes. The notes were read alound by 20 staff members. From doctors to nurses and therapists, every one of them wished Tresten a smooth recovery. 

His sister Malori Bailes has spent the past two months traveling to visit Tresten about every other day. She can't believe he's finally home. 

"Eight long weeks, I missed him every second," Bailes said. "It's surreal to see him home." 

Tresten WIlliams came home Friday and was greeted by family in the drive way.

Tresten's road of recovery hasn't ended. He takes six medications throughout the day, he resumes therapy next week and is required to have "both feet on the ground" for at least a year. That means no four-wheelers, for now. 

Tresten said he would like to eventually ride again, but with a helmet. 

He wasn't home an hour when his family began teasing him. 

"When are you going to mow the grass?" His dad, Mike McClung said with a chuckle. 

For now, Tresten is resting. He's just happy to be with family and to sleep in his own bed. 

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