Cottageville Public Service Department to test Millwood sewer systems with smoke

Katelyn Waltemyer
Jackson Newspapers
Guam Waterworks Authority employees, from left, Dominick San Nicolas, Shayne Terlaje and Craig Paulino, use a smoke machine to inject smoke into a manhole near the Santa Bernadita Chapel in Machanaonao, Yigo on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017. The tests were conducted to check the integrity and safety of the underground sewer by locating breaks and defects in the system, said Paulino.

MILLWOOD — The Cottageville Public Service Department will conduct a sanitary sewer test in the Millwood area Monday, Sept. 27 to improve sewer services. 

Smoke will be used to detect any broken pipes or illegal connections, the release said. The smoke will first go through manholes on the roads and then drift through catch basins and lateral lines of homes to the main sewer connection. 

Smoke shouldn't enter any homes unless there's defective plumbing or dry drain traps. Residents are encouraged to pour water into rarely used drains, the release said. 

"The smoke agent we use is widely accepted for use in sewer systems and it is not harmful or toxic to you," the release said. 

But the department is recommending people with respiratory issues leave their homes while the testing is done. Testing is expected to last one hour. 

Some manholes and sewer lines are located in backyards. The department will need to access these points, but homeowners don't need to be at home and the workers will not enter the home, the release said. 

The workers will take photos of any leaks that may occur. If smoke comes into your home, the release said to ventilate the area and call the Cottageville Public Service Department at 304-372-4317. 

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