The McIntosh's anticipated renovation is around the corner: City signs contract for roof design

Katelyn Waltemyer
Jackson Newspapers
Ravenswood just entered a contract for the McIntosh's new roof design.

RAVENSWOOD The sun has peaked through the second floor of the McIntosh ever since June's fire, but that won't last much longer. Ravenswood is about to enter a $24,000 contract with Pickering Associates to design a new roof. 

It's been three months since flames tore through the community building. Every time puddles form in the McIntosh, Ravenswood Parks and Recreation Superintendent Katrena Ramsey is there with a squeegee in hand.

Sometimes she'll go days without stopping by the McIntosh. When she stops by to check on the floors after a rain she loses her breath. She remembers that the McIntosh is no longer a place of gathering and celebration. 

"I'm remembering it as it was and then I look over and it's jarring," Ramsey said. 

Waiting game 

The past three months have been filled with frustration for Ramsey. It took longer than anticipated to get the McIntosh's insurance money, Ramsey said. When they finally got the almost $960,000 total a few weeks ago, she was able to roll up her sleeves and find the right people to design the roof. 

She found Ravenswood native Sean Simon, of Pickerington Associates. Ravenswood Mayor Josh Miller said that one company would have charged $15,000 just for blueprints, and Pickerington was the obvious choice. 

Miller signed the contract Tuesday, Sept. 7, and the bid package is expected to be finished within three weeks. Pickering will make site visits and create drawings for the new roof, dormers and third-floor framing. Once completed, the package will go through a public bidding process. 

Once the bids come back, Miller said, Pickering will give the city a recommendation on who should install the roof. The new roof design will match the original as closely as possible, the contract states. 

The city's goal since the building was engulfed in red streaks has been to get a roof on before winter begins. The next time it snows in Ravenswood, Ramsey wants there to be a roof on the McIntosh  she's hopeful a roof will perch the community building by the end of December. 

Miller also wants the roof up before snow comes, but he isn't confident this goal will be met. 

"We're on a time crunch trying to save this thing," Miller said. "We're at the mercy of the global supply chain." 

He said the city recently ordered new docks for the riverfront park, and they will take five months to arrive. 

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