'It's sad': father and business owner talks about what the roads are like near his home

Katelyn Waltemyer
Jackson Newspapers
Grandon said the road has been sinking for more than a year.

Whenever people come over to Sean Grandon's house or business, he always gives them the "watch out for" talk. Statts Mills Road is windy, and the road is slipping right by his house. 

Grandon said the slide has been there for over a year. A couple of weeks ago he and his neighbors submitted complaints and signs went up the next day. 

The slide is right next to a sharp curve on Statts Mills and takes up about half the road. Stop signs were installed on either side of the turn, and barriers were placed around the slide, but Grandon said it hasn't done much.

Since the turn is so sharp, people have to go well beyond the stop sign when heading toward Cedar Lakes Road to see if there's any oncoming traffic. 

O'Brien Lake is off Statts Mills Road that's popular for fishing, Grandon said. Even with the stop signs up he still worries because people drive like they "own the road" and boaters "take up the road." 

Grandon has three children, two of whom can drive. It's instinct for him to check his phone for accident alerts when they leave or head back home. 

"It's sad," Grandon said. 

The Department of Transportation has worked on 43 roads in Jackson County since the beginning of 2019. Grandon said it's common to see patchwork like on Cedar Lakes Road that's "rough."

Engineers are designing a "permanent repair" for Statts Mills, Department of Transportation representative Jennifer Dooley said in an email. Crews will widen the road to help with the flow of traffic until the repair is complete. 

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