A McIntosh comes to check on the McIntosh Community Building

Katelyn Waltemyer
Jackson Newspapers
Mary Jean McIntosh Davis (left) and Katrena Ramsey (right) discussed the future of the building Friday morning.

Barely 24 hours passed since the fire began when Mary Jean McIntosh Davis was walking the perimeter of a chain link fence surrounding the McIntosh Community Building. She was talking about how it can, and should, be restored. She said she doesn't want to see the "old girl" go. 

"I think she's strong, and I think that there is a way to help her survive some way," Davis said. 

Davis' family, the McIntosh's posed for this picture outside of their home.

Davis lives in Charleston, but when she found out about Thursday's fire at the McIntosh community building, she dropped everything Friday morning to check out the damage. She said her great-grandparents lived in the home, which was later handed down to her grandfather. As time passed, he gave the house to Ravenswood City.

Katrena Ramsey, Ravenswood's Parks and Recreation superintendent, said she still doesn't know where to go from here. She said she feels helpless. 

"Usually I have a number — I got a person," Ramsey said. "I don't have a person on this one."

It appears that most of the McIntosh building's roof is gone.

Davis said it would be devastating if the building was torn down. She said even though no one has lived in it for many years, it serves as a community "home." 

"You call it a community building, but it's really a home," Davis said. "It was my family's home, it continued to be felt as a family home, but it's also Ravenswood's home."

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