Attic fire squashed by Ravenswood Fire Department during Memorial Day weekend

Matthew Sokol
Jackson Newspapers
Firefighters with the Ravenswood Fire Department work on stopping a house fire located on Virginia Street in Ravenswood, West Virginia, May

RAVENSWOOD — Missy Wood of Ravenswood could only think about her grandchildren Alexandria, Ashlyn and Connor on Sunday night.

Danger had been lurking, even though the family hadn't known tragedy was about to strike. 

Right above young Connor's head, where his bunkbed was, a massive fire was building.

Flames erupted from her house on Sunday morning on Elwood and Virginia streets in Ravenswood.  

Flames erupt from a house located on Virginia Street in Ravenswood, West Virginia, May 30.

"I couldn't sleep (later) that night because every time I closed my eyes all I (saw) was flames (around Connor), and if it would have happened during the night" who knows what would have happened, said Wood. "We have eight smoke detectors in the house. They didn't go off because the spire was above the smoke detectors, and I never thought in a million years that you would have to have a smoke detector in your attic."

At 8:12 p.m. Sunday, the Ravenswood Fire Department was dispatched to the scene of a blaze at the one-story house.

Wood had heard noises coming from above the ceiling but didn't understand what was going on. She thought her grandson fell from the top bunk or that her granddaughter Alexandria had fallen in the shower. 

As soon as Wood knew the reality, she got her family to safety. 

However, Wood wasn't done protecting lives. 

The fire started to spill over to her 85-year-old neighbor's house. Wood found her neighbor, who relies on a wheelchair, and took her to safety. 

The cradle her children had slept in was among the items lost in a 'total loss' blamed on an electrical issue

Wood is thankful that her family is alive. However, her house is gone.

"I had all of my Christmas collection for over 30 years up there," Wood said. "All of my different holiday decorations were up there. The cradle that was made for my firstborn that all of my children slept in and her firstborn slept in were also in the attic."

Ravenswood Fire Department Chief Kevin McClain said an electrical issue is what started the fire.

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"The main fire was in the attic of the residence due to an electrical issue," Ravenswood Fire Department Chief Kevin McClain said. "Electrical (fires) are a common thing but (not) every day."

Firefighters had to tear down the ceilings of the house to extinguish the blaze.

No injuries were reported as a result of the fire.

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