Friends and family members remember Cheyenne Johnson as kind and sweet

Ahmed Jallow
Jackson Newspapers

After police announced yesterday that the body of a woman found in a well was that of Cheyenne Johnson who went missing last week, friends and family members took to Facebook to share fond memories of her as kind and someone who was always there to help those in need.

Cheyenne Johnson

Her father Jess S. Johnson said in a Facebook post that his daughter was a good person and always there to help others. “You have always been a kind soul, always willing to help someone," he said. “Now only Justin, my 3 beautiful grand daughters and myself remain, we will carry on,” the post said.

Cheyenne’s death is just the latest tragedy to occur in the Johnson family household. Her mother passed away in 2017 and just five months ago her sister, Ciara, succumbed to cancer. “It won't be an easy road without Melanie, Ciara, and Cheyenne, but we'll do the best we can,” Jess said.

Denise Powers, a friend said in a comment that Cheyenne “was a sweet and kind soul who tried her best to find the good in each person she met."

 "She lit up any room she entered with her bright smile, beautiful eyes," Powers said..

Michael Wayne Smith, 41, of Alderson, is being charged with first-degree murder in the death of Cheyenne Johnson who was reported missing last week. She was last seen Thursday, April 29 near Cottageville in Jackson County

Law enforcement said they identified Smith as a suspect the following day after receiving a tip about an overheard conversation regarding the murder of ‘sunshine’, which was Johnson’s nickname.

According to police, Smith said in a recorded statement Johnson stole his girlfriend’s car Thursday evening and a confrontation happened Friday when she returned with the vehicle. He said the argument escalated when Johnson allegedly pulled out a knife. Smith said he then took a .308 caliber rifle from his vehicle and shot Johnson in the head once, killing her.

Cheyenne left behind her father and brother Justin Johnson her 39-year-old-brother who runs the Hot Johnson’s restaurant on Straight Street.

“Thanks everyone for the love and support everyone has shown Justin and I in this very tragic time,” Jess said in a post.