Local DAR thanks Vietnam veterans for their service

Suzette Lowe
Army Specialist Bobby Skeen said he fed the troops as a cook from 1966-1967.
DAR members Marjie Parsons, Selma Humphreys and Mary Pistelli speak with Army veteran Richard Collins who served from 1965-1966.
DAR Chaplain Selma Humphreys thanks U.S. Army veteran William Williams who served in 1969 in Vietnam.
License plate on Bobby Skeen’s truck
Handmade "Thank you for your service" sign

The Old Hickory Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) honored Vietnam veterans at a drive-by event at Cedar Lakes on March 27.

Many of those veterans said this was the first time they had ever heard ‘Welcome home’ from anyone.

All of them could remember specifically where they had served in Vietnam and the number of months and years they had been there.

When one veteran told a DAR member that he had lost all his medals and paperwork in a fire, she immediately said she would take care of this. He would get replacements for all those items.

After a few tears, much laughter and heartfelt ‘thank yous,’ each veteran was sent on his or her way with cheers and applause.