Drug court holds fourth graduation

Ella Dillon
Jackson County Adult Drug Court
Judge Dyer presents Anthony Cianfrani with his drug court graduation certificate.

The Jackson County Adult Drug Court celebrated its fourth graduate since its opening in 2019. Anthony Cianfrani successfully completed the drug court on March 16th, when a graduation ceremony was held in the Circuit Courtroom of the Jackson County Courthouse. Though the ceremony was small, limited to treatment team members and participants, the occasion was a huge reason to celebrate.

Though some participants may quickly complete the drug court, others take a few more months to accomplish their goals. The program is a maximum of two years, but most complete it within a year. Anthony began the drug court in November 2019. He stated, “It was rocky at first but I am working the program with the best of my ability, and as of next month will have a year clean thanks to the program.” Depending on the underlying criminal case, some participants may graduate and be completely discharged from supervision, while others may have continued supervision after their time in drug court.

One of the treatment team members commented that Anthony has come a long way since the beginning of his participation in drug court. During Anthony’s time in drug court he was one of the first people to jump at the opportunity to complete community service projects, including weed-eating and lawn mowing for community based organizations and help clean the city to prepare for community events. Though most do not get to see the active work that participants, like Anthony, put into community service, their efforts are evident in their work.

When asked about one of the most important resources needed for those in recovery, Judge Dyer has stated that appropriate housing is an essential element to enable participants to remain free of crime and drug use. Anthony’s journey has been an example of how one can go from essentially being homeless to living independently in a home of his own.

Anthony attributed his success in drug court and his recovery to attending recovery meetings, which are a requirement of the program, and developing a support system of sober friends.

Anthony’s advice to other participants during the ceremony was, “Once you become clean and sober, you realize that you can do the things you thought you could not do without drugs. You have to make the decision to change your life and not use.”