Fund from Ravenswood grants $4,000 to City of Ravenswood

Amy Dunn
Jackson Newspapers

Katrena Ramsey, superintendent of parks and recreation for the City of Ravenswood, accepted a grant recently for $4,000 from the Fund for Ravenswood of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation & Regional Affiliates (PACF) toward the City of Ravenswood’s Wifi/Hotspot project for the Riverfront Park.

The Fund for Ravenswood was initiated by the Ritchie family in 2019 and has received support from various private donors and Star Plastics since its founding. It was created specifically to build resources dedicated to Ravenswood and to support projects that benefit the broad community needs of the Ravenswood area. As the Fund grows, its founders anticipate assisting with projects such as local economic development and downtown revitalization, efforts to bring arts and other enrichment activities for youth and children into Ravenswood and the support of other projects of broad public interest.

Judy Sjostedt Ritchie, executive director of the PACF since 1999, said, "The founders' goal is to partner with city officials and others who are interested in  local community development to support important activities and projects that may require multiple funding sources beyond what the city can fund itself that will build a better quality of life for all of us who live here in Ravenswood."

Ritchie added that persons who are interested in helping with community development needs and economic progress in Ravenswood are invited to contact her at the PACF ( to learn more about how to support the Fund.

Gifts may be directed to the Fund for Ravenswood, PACF, P.O. Box 1762, Parkersburg, WV 26102. One can donate online at

Organizations interested in being considered for support from the Fund for Ravenswood may apply twice a year through the PACF Community Action Grants process which is online at Smaller, time-sensitive requests may be directed through the PACF’s Sudden and Urgent Needs grant process (information also online). The Fund does not make grants to individuals.