10-year-old earns black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do

Suzette Lowe

At the young age of ten, Victor Greathouse has earned great respect from his teacher.

The newest black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do from the Ripley Family Martial Arts Center achieved his goal at a qualification event on Jan. 30 at the Parchment Valley Conference Center.

“His determination and hard work are very impressive,” said Spencer Hill, who has been Greathouse’s Sa Bum Nim (teacher) for the past four years.

Earning his belt put Greathouse in front of three judges, Lesley Hill (first-degree black belt), Devin Carney (fourth-degree black belt), and Spencer Hill (third-degree black belt), along with an audience.

Greathouse had to demonstrate forms, complete one step fighting, and attempt to break three boards with his feet. Perhaps the most difficult portion was writing and defending a three-page thesis on what the sport means to him, what it’s done for him, and his future goals.

At the end of the grueling process, his judges had a few suggestions and many compliments for the young black belt.

“You did very well,” Spencer said. “One of your goals is to reach my level, but I want you to go further than I have.”

Working with his student was a privilege said Spencer.

“I kept challenging you,” he said. “I’d make it hard and you’d make it easy.”

For Greathouse, waiting to take this test has been a challenge.

“With COVID, I had to wait,” he said. “I really tried to focus on my form and tried to keep from smiling. My favorite part of Tae-Kwon-Do is teaching. I like helping others to learn.”

Along with Greathouse, other students at the center qualified for various belts, including brown, yellow, green, and orange (see info box).

Greathouse’s parents, Kara and Scott, were justifiably proud of their son.

“He has put in so much hard work,” his mother said. “This has really focused him, helping with his schoolwork. He doesn’t even complain about helping around the house. Tae-Kwon-Do has been such a great influence on him.”


First-Degree Black Belt

• Victor Greathouse

Fourth Gup Brown Belt

• Sadie Brier

Fifth Gup Green Belt/Brown Stripe

• Xavier Swisher

Seventh Gup Orange Belt/Green Stripe

• Levi Jeffries

• Lauren Tolley

Eighth Gup Orange Belt

• Carter Critchfield

• Cameron Critchfield

• Joelle Engle

• Aiden Greathouse

• Caitlyn Gupton

• Adelyn Heindl

• Jase Heindl

• Josh Heindl

• Jeff Hoover

• Alana Hoover

• Bryce Hudnall

• Jaxson Hudnall

• Nikoloz Kikalishvilli

• Ryker Larch

• Meagan Parsons

• Heather Reynolds

• Williams Rhodes

• Mayson Thomas

• Nathan Webb

Ninth Gup Yellow Belt

• Josh Casto

• Bria Parsons

• Farrah Parsons

• Mallory Parsons

• Taylor Parsons

• Grayson Thomas

• Garrison Williams