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Property Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded recently in the Jackson County Clerk’s office:

• Imogene Lou Casto to MOX Properties LLC, Lots 100, 101, 102, 103, and 104, Greer Sub-division, Ripley Town, $165,000

• Cheryl A. Stone to Delores V. Clayberger and Leslie C. Haynes, 32,235 square feet 0.740 acres, Robinson Heights Addition, Ripley Town, $190,000

• Helen M. Wyant, James M. Wyant, Lois A. Wyant, and Pamela G. Wyant to Evelyn L. Casto, 2 acres and Plat, Union, $8,000

• Brittany Harpold to Caden M. Harpold, 0.41 acres or 17,804 square feet, Ripley Town, no consideration

• Ava Joann Durback to Jason M. Durback, 72 acres, Waters of Turkey Fork of Sand Creek, Ravenswood District, $10,000

• Wesley Dale Ruben to Christopher Michael Vance and Joel Elam Braden, 2 tracts, Ravenswood District, $295,000

• Clement Michael Matheny to Jere Zimmerman and Joy Zimmerman, 0.257 acres and Plat, Ripley Town, $89,000

• Edith C. Legg by A/I/F and Richard F. Legg to Ellen Marie Varner, Lot 158 Ritchie Realty Company’s Fourth Addition, Ravenswood Town, $145,000

• Facemyer Lumber Company Inc. to Harvey D. Mace, 3 tracts, Ripley District, $230,000

• Herman Sowards and Roxanne Sowards to Jason Sowards, Lot 3, Section one, Oak Hill Estates, Ripley District, $35,000

• Edwin A. French and Monica L. French to Richard A. Wickline, 0.163 acres, Ripley Town, $50,000

• Barbara Jo Sullivan to Ralph Eugene Washington Jr. and Amanda Christine Washington, 15 acres, Waters of Lockhart Fork of Left Fork of Sandy Creek and Plat, Grant, no consideration

• Hugh C. Ballard Jr. and Julia C. Ballard to Michael J. Ballard and Joy M. Ballard, 4.14 acres Locust Ridge, Union, no consideration

• Gregory Durback and Ava J. Durback to Jessalyn N. Stephens, 1.98 acres, Ripley District, no consideration

• Lena B. Full to Tommy A. Smith and Michelle A. Smith, 47.366 acres, Buck Run, Grant, $240,000

• James M. Hatcher and Loretta J. Hatcher to ACW Properties LLC, 5.49 acres Near Fairplain, Ripley District, $560,000

• H3 LLC to Glendon K. Allen and Melinda L. Allen, Undivided Interest, 17.238 acres, Washington, $6,600

• Jimmy Jackson Sargent and Evelyn Sargent to Carl Tracy Smith and Robin Smith, Lot 136 Brown Addition, Ravenswood Town, $139,000

• Stacie R. Cooley, Lee Randolph Estate by Executrix, C. Lee Christopher Estate by Executrix, Christopher Lee Randolph Estate by Executrix, Stacey Randolph, Daniel P. Cooley, Susan Eddy, Dave Eddy, and Matthew Lee Randolph to Gregory L. Mills and Teresa L. Mills, Undivided Interest, tract, Ripley Town, $45,000

• James E. Casdorph and Micah D. Casdorph to James C. Crewdson, Lots 14 and 15, Section A. Phase 2, Mountain view Estates Sub-division, Ripley District, $210,000

• Facemyer Lumber Company Inc. to City of Ripley and Ripley Town, 4,835 square feet or 0.11 acres, Route 62, Ripley Road, Ripley District, $10,000

• Zachary C. McDaniel to Matthew R. Plumley and Madison R. Plumley, Lot 12, Balis Addition, Ravenswood District, $110,000

• Susan Lynn Birdsong to Melissa Dawn Pauley, tract, Waters of Tug Fork of Big Mill Creek, Washington, $202,000

• Jack L. Brewer and Cynthia J. Brewer to Jack L. Brewer, Cody L. Brewer, and Katelyn M. Brewer, 56.24 acres, Waters of Cavin Fork, Grant, no consideration

• Frederick Ray Boyce and Mary Frances Boyce to Jeffery G. Hansen and Michelle R. Hansen, 2.70 acres, Waters of Grasslick of Tug Fork, Ripley District, $180,000