Delegate Pinson makes stop at City Council meeting

Jackson Newspapers
Jackson Newspapers

Newly elected House of Delegates Representative Jonathan Pinson was a special guest speaker at the Feb. 2 meeting of the Ravenswood City Council. During his introduction, Pinson spoke of the many roles in which he has served the community of Jackson County throughout the years. 

A 2004 graduate of Ravenswood High School, Pinson attended the West Virginia State Police Academy and served in police departments in both Ripley and Ravenswood, as well as the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department under the direction of Sheriff Mike Bright and then Tony Boggs. Following his service as a police officer, Pinson took on the roll of serving as pastor of a church in Point Pleasant. 

“I’ve spent my entire adult life serving folks either through law enforcement or ministry,” Pinson said. “Now I’m excited to continue that service in the House of Delegates.”

Pinson credited the mayor and council with their great work in Ravenswood and said he was “wonderfully excited” with what will be happening in the future, noting the proposal of the Marina Project. 

Pinson has set many goals for his new position, the foster system and backing of police officers, being two of his main objectives. 

A child of foster care, as well as currently a foster parent himself, Pinson said he wants to be the voice for those in the West Virginia foster care system. 

Backing the police is another focus of his House of Delegates roll.

“Police officers need a voice, they need someone to stand for them,” he said.

Pinson feels his roll in the House of Delegates will give him the opportunity to share his knowledge of law enforcement and allow him to be an advocate for the police departments.

According to Pinson, he is excited to get started and proud to be able to serve the people of Jackson County through the House of Delegates. 

Also discussed was the first reading of an ordinance involving the increase in water tariff rates upon completion of the Ravenswood Municipal Project Construction. 

Fred Rader from the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council spoke on the reasons for the increase, noting Senate Bill 234 and the Public Service Commission order on Feb. 24, 2020. (Documents are located at 

Mayor Josh Miller stated increasing the water and sewer rates are not something that he wants to do, but something that must be done.

“I don’t like this specific thing right here, but if we want to fix our infrastructure then we have to deal with it,” he said.

Miller stated that if the increase is adopted at the next council meeting on Feb. 16, it would not take effect for another 12 to 18 months. 

In other business Council:

• Approved the minutes from the previous meeting on Jan. 19. 

• Approved the second reading of the technical changes to the City Code of Ordinances.

• Approved the lease agreement proposal for 1 Wall Street, third floor, between the City of Ravenswood and the following organizations: Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Family Resource Network, and Ravenswood Developmental Authority, with one amendment to include utilities in the cost of the rent. 

The next meeting of the Ravenswood City Council will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 1 Wall Street, third floor (Ravenswood Municipal Complex).