Second Avenue traffic pattern change may become permanent

Suzette Lowe

The traffic pattern on Second Avenue in Ripley has seen a change since all students have returned to in-person classes. A portion of the avenue has become a one-way street to allow a better traffic flow when parents drop off or pick up their children from Ripley Elementary.

Ripley City Police Chief Brad Anderson said the change is still under review.

“We haven’t had a really good chance to see how traffic pattern will work,” he said. “We’ve had snow and other issues that have only allowed us a few times to observe it in action.”

Anderson also pointed out that the number of parents driving their children to school has increased dramatically with the health pandemic.

“It’s our plan to make it a permanent change, but we don’t have enough evidence to propose that right now,” Anderson said. “We’ll keep watching for any issues that may have to be addressed.”

Another improvement that council would like to see is a sidewalk on the right-hand side of Academy Drive heading towards Wal-Mart. This idea was proposed at the Jan. 5 meeting by Councilwoman Carolyn Waybright.

City Attorney Kevin Harris said some initial contacts have been made by him and Mayor Carolyn Rader that may help to further that plan.

In other business, council members John McGinley, Rick Buckley, Danny Martin, Bryan Thompson, Waybright, and City Reporter David Casto heard:

• The Department of Environmental Protection, upon inspection, had found no deficiencies in the sewer lagoon or two lift stations

• Mayor Rader will be meeting on Feb. 5 with Toni Tiano, whose firm has been hired by the city, to discuss grant possibilities

• The mayor has been in close contact with the Jackson County Health Department regarding proposed Fourth of July plans

• The mayor has contacted the Municipal League for assistance with plans proposed by council from a work meeting on Jan. 27

• First reading of proposed changes to Article 143 of the city ordinance which deals with the Commission on Beautification and Appearance

The next meeting of city council will be at 7 p.m. on Feb. 17 at the municipal building.