Commission conducts estate hearing

Jackson Newspapers
Jackson Newspapers

After a very brief meeting with a short agenda on Feb. 3, the Jackson County Commission recessed until a 10 a.m. estate hearing.

Most estate hearings are cut and dry and can be probated easily. Occasionally, one comes before the Commission that is a bit more complicated.

Because the estate of Evelynn Stanley involved a joint will in 1974 with her husband, the process becomes more convoluted. Her husband passed away in 1999 and she made a new will in 2015. The question arises from the fact that she left her estate differently than the joint will of 1974.

A joint will, which is not an option today, was often seen to constitute a binding contract which made the second will questionable. Because Mrs. Stanley and her only son became estranged, and he has since passed away with no will and no known heirs, the Commission must decide if the second will can be probated as requested by the executor.

The main issue hinges on having a clear title to the property she bequeathed in case there would ever be a sale of that property.

After research that will be conducted by the county’s attorney, the Commission will issue an order regarding the matter.

In other business, Commissioners Mitch Morrison and Dick Waybright, with Mike Randolph not in attendance:

• Reviewed and accepted the written activities report of IT Manager Greg Thomas

• Approved reimbursement of up to $5,000 in COVID-19 related expenditures for the Northern PSD, Southern PSD, and Cottageville PSD from the Governor’s Block Grant

• Approved pay application #4 to Dougherty Company Inc in the amount of $21,510 for Cycle 17 Courthouse Facilities Improvement Grant HVAC Phase I

• Received for review the contract with Enterprise Fleet Management for sheriff department cruiser lease program

The next meeting of the commission will be at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 10 at the Jackson County Courthouse.