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Police K-9 retires after six years of service

Barbara Layton

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Varney will soon be missing his partner of six years. Zamba, a German Shepard police dog, has been by Varney’s side since she first joined the force as a puppy.

Chosen to partner with a police K-9 due to his exceptional work ethic, Varney was fitted with Zamba and sent to Pine Grovel Kennel in Reedsville, Ohio, for six-weeks of training in narcotics protection and patrol.

Since receiving her training certificate, Zamba has accompanied Varney on many assignments in their custom fitted police vehicle. With the push of a button, the vehicle doors will open and at Varney’s command, Zamba gladly joins him on scene. 

“I don’t know how many drugs we have taken off the streets with her help,” Varney said. 

Not just drug seizures, Zamba has also been able to complete several successful tracks and apprehensions without bite, according to Varney. 

“Most people see the dog and decide it is better to surrender,” Varney said as he chuckled. 

When not out chasing criminals, Zamba has been used in demonstrations in schools and events around the county.

Having Zamba has been a great experience for Varney. Not only has she been his partner while on duty, but she has been a family companion after work hours as well. 

Following her official retirement on Jan. 31, Zamba will become a permanent fixture at the Varney home where she will retire in style with Varney, his wife, and their children. 

Varney’s wife, Diana, said she plans to have a small retirement party for Zamba to celebrate her years on the force. 

As for Varney, he will continue serving the Jackson County community through the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department without his K-9 companion.