Jones treats the ‘whole’ patient at WVU/JGH

Barbara Layton

WVU Medicine/Jackson General Hospital features a wide array of medically talented professionals at its new Jackson Premier Health clinic located at 146 Pinnell Street in Ripley. One of those multi-talented professionals is Doctor Richard Jones.

After graduating from the West Virginia University/Glenville State College nursing program, Jones entered the healthcare profession in 1996 with a hope to serve others as a Registered Nurse.

While working in a hospital and seeing patients with different types of spinal related injuries, generally resulting in surgery, Jones said he realized he wanted to help people before they required surgery.

In 2006, Jones joined Worldwide Chiropractic where he worked for four years before a three-year stint working at the Morad-Hughes Health Clinic.

“During my time at Worldwide Chiropractic, I realized the need for more of a family care type provider,” Jones said.

He has since broadened his scope of practice by furthering his education to better care for his patients by obtaining a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Master’s Degree in Nursing.

“I went into Primary and Chiropractic Care because I wanted to take care of the ‘whole’ person from a medical standpoint,” Jones said.

Now specializing in both Primary and Chiropractic Care, Jones joined Jackson Premier Health in August of 2020 and is currently accepting new patients.

Jones admits the COVID pandemic has affected patients wanting to be seen in the office. He said it is possible to be seen virtually; however, it’s hard to evaluate a patient without seeing them in person for a physical exam. Since the clinic is not located in the hospital itself, Jones said he feels patients are more comfortable knowing their chances of being around too many people at one time is much less.

As a family provider, Jones serves all age groups; however, he admits he enjoys working with the younger crowd as far as athletics go. According to Jones, he enjoys helping athletes get aligned and back to playing their sport quicker and better than ever.

All age groups are welcome and Jones provides his services for anyone who needs them. His main concern is being able to provide care to the patient as a whole. From treating a cold to anxiety and depression issues, to back injuries, Jones is a one-stop-shop for patient care.

As for his future goal, Jones wishes to continue helping the people of Jackson County for many years to come.

“It’s nice to be in a community that has so much pride and support for each other,” Jones said. Originally from Kanawha County, Jones has been living and working in Jackson County for over 14 years. He currently resides in Ripley with his wife Monica (Langford) Jones and their two children.