Letters to Santa

Jackson Newspapers
Jackson Newspapers

Ravenswood Board of Parks and Recreation wants to share a special service from our very own Santa Glow. Because of the current restrictions...Santa visits and pictures are a little different this year. Our friends at the Glow Movement have offered these options for us this Christmas. 

This is from Santa’s page: 

• Good or Bad Messages (these will not state a name)  - $5 or more donation...For example:

“I see here you have been very good....etc. Or, I see here you have had a tough time being good, you still have time to fix it!”

• Teachers we can also do class messages - $5 or more donation

• Virtual (Facebook call) - $10 or more donation...Santa will be dressed and ready to listen!!

• Santa visit  - $20 or more donation (Starting Dec. 1) local to Jackson County.

Please remember Santa also has a side job of shift work with the elves, so please be understanding of time limitations.

Donations via PayPal. Contact theglowmovement1990@gmail.com.

This is all to benefit a local cause that has sponsored many events in our town and parks. 

Santa has been popping up in our park on weekends and checks his mailbox at the Sayre log cabin. You never know...he may answer your letter!

Be sure to look out for mail from the North Park satellite office here at Washington’s Riverfront Park!