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Property Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded recently in the Jackson County Clerk’s office:

• Russell Eades Jr. and Samantha Eades to James Brandon Hudson, 2 tracts, Ravenswood Town, no consideration

• Dennis L. Boggess, Shari L. Boggess, and Edwin L. Boggess to Angela Stanley and Logan Nathaniel Stanley, 2 tracts and Plat, Washington, $155,00

• Valorie Ann Casto and Tony A. Payne to Jean K. Reynolds and Carl Dwight Mick, 2.5 acres, Waters of Mill Creek, Washington, $55,000

• Lisa C. Sullivan to Clement Michael Matheny, Lot 209, Ritchie Realty Company’s Fifth Addition, Block 6, Ravenswood Town, $115,000

• Janet M. Patterson and Carroll E. Patterson to Emily M. Crum, 5.333 acres and Plat, Union, no consideration

• Janet M. Patterson and Carroll E. Patterson to Annette M. Fulk and Jerry M. Fulk, 0.342 acres and Plat, Union, no consideration

• Kapa Farms, LLC to Robert C. Kimes, tracts, Ripley District, no consideration

• Georgia Gail Good and Wesley C. Good to Brian M. Jones, Dawn M. Trainer, and Otto Jones, 17.77 acres, Waters of First Creek, Washington, $25,000

• Jackie Lee Slate, Angela Faye Slate, Nanett Canter, James F. Canter, and Eva Faye Canter to Judy Casto, 3.24 acres, Waters of Grass Run, Washington, $7,500

• Joyce S. Johnson and Conn D. Johnson to Samantha K. Faber, 0.32 acres, Ripley District, $160,000

• Larry M. Parsons to Delissa Case and Dale Case, 1.04 acres, Left Fork of Pocatalico River, Ripley District, $16,000

• E. J. Kersey to David O. Lucas, 0.603 acres, Waters of Grass Lick and Plat, Ripley district, $12,000

• Lori Bicak to Raven K. Southall and Jason R. Southall, 2 tracts, Waters of Sycamore Creek and Station Camp Run, Ripley District, $24,000

• Dawn Lakay Properties, LLC to Brandon J. Haynes, Lots 203 and 204 Pfost Addition, Ripley Town, $91,000

• Cynthia E. Coleman and Tyler J. Coleman to Anna M. Batton and James L. Batton, Lot 3, Lakeview Estates, Ripley District, #30,400

• David L. Greenhill and Wanda Sue Greenhill to Shelia Jean Simmons, 2 tracts, Waters of Falls Run and Sugar Run in Village of Cottageville, Union, $20,000

• Jeffrey Lee Corder to Stephanie Lynn Corder and Jeffrey Lee Corder, Lot 537, Ritchie Realty Company’s Eighth Addition, Ravenswood Town, no consideration

• Shanna Burnem and George C. Burnem to Ricky Watson, 2 tracts, Village of New Era, Hunter Addition, Ravenswood District, $180,000

• Larry Womack to Jonathon Presley and Glennis Dale Jones Jr., tract, Waters of Eighteen Mile Creek, Ripley District, $5,000

• Dorotha J. Haught to Judith Warren and Jesse Warren, Lot 11, Revised Section Three, Highlawn Heights Addition, Ripley Town, $160,000


The following marriage applications were recorded recently in the Jackson County Clerk’s office:

• Gregory Douglas Thaxton, 23, Charleston to Nakia Joy Eshenaur, 21, Charleston

• Richard Luke Mahan, 25, Leroy to Rebecca Elizabeth Hancock, 34, Leroy

• Timothy David Robinson Jr., 33, Ripley to Kira Renee Jones, 36, Ripley

• Tony Alex Urban, 22, Ripley to Hannah Elizabeth Seymour, 18, Ripley

• Alex Craig Anderson, 26, Ravenswood to Cristin Faith Miller, 25, Ravenswood

• Caleb Paul Anderson, 21, Ripley to Holly Jewell Casto, 20, Kenna

• Conrad Maxwell McCoy, 25, Ravenswood to Sarah Nicole Fedorke, 25, Ravenswood

• James P. Metsch, 57, Ripley to Chastity Lee Blackburn, 43, Ripley

• Austin Kordell Watkins, 22, Sandyville to Merriea Lashae Ayers, 22, Sandyville

• Timothy Evan Zuspan, 21, Fraziers Bottom to Hannah Grace Goodwin, 21, Evans