Charity Challenge highlights JCDC and Commission on Aging

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JCDC warehouse

The 2020 Jackson County Community Foundation Virtual Charity Challenge has selected 18 non-profit organizations to participate. Online donations through can be made through Oct. 31.

Each week two groups will be highlighted. During that “Donation Week,” checks and cash may be received at the Foundation located at City National Bank in Ripley in support of those two non-profits. Online donations can continue until the end of Virtual Charity Challenge.

Jackson County Developmental Center (JCDC) and Jackson County Commission on Aging “Donation Week” is Sept. 27 through Oct. 3.

JCDC’s mission statement is to provide quality support for life training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. JCDC helps individuals find, obtain, and retain jobs in their communities, all while helping them grow into the people they want to become. They also help families by simply offering a safe place during the day.

The mission of the Jackson County Commission on Aging’s-Aqua Fit Program is to provide activities that help their patrons to maintain and improve their physical and mental health, and wellbeing. This program is able to provide water aerobics and other water activities that are one of the safest and healthiest means of exercise for an individual’s muscles, joints, and bones, as well as being therapeutic.

For information, call 304-372-4500, visit or Community Foundation of Jackson County on Facebook.

Seniors participating in the Aqua-Fit Program at the Ravenswood Senior Center.