Relieving the community of unwanted pests

Barbara Layton
Noel Braley is hoisted up to the roof of the Ripley High School main building to bat proof the facility.

Wildlife Removal Service Inc. is a pest control business founded in 1999 by Noel Braley, Republican candidate for Jackson County Sheriff. Braley and his team focus on removing unwanted pests from local businesses as well as homes and personal property.

Braley’s latest venture took him to Ripley High School where he was able to rid and protect the school from a bat colony.

According to, despite their bad reputation and frequent persecution, bats are legally protected mammals that cause only a few problems for people. With bats being a protected species, Braley said his company uses a humane system to remove the pests where they are unharmed while making the building free of future infestations.

“We were able to rid the school of bats,” Braley said. “Our main goal though was to make sure the kids would be safe upon returning to school.”

His team was able to remove the pests and seal the building so they would not return. The job even came with a two-year guarantee and a $1,000 discount from Braley on the cost of removal. Braley said he has worked with several schools on bat removal; five or six schools in Putnam County alone within the past few years.

“I am what you call a damage control agent,” Braley said. “You have to have a special license to do what I do.”

Wildlife Removal Service Inc. is licensed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR). With a degree from Purdue University in Pest Animal Management, Braley holds himself and his staff to high-quality standards. Over the past 23 years, Braley said he has helped businesses, homes, schools, and even some churches by riding them of bat issues. Not only does Wildlife Removal Service Inc. remove bats; they also deal with other pests, such as snakes, mice, and any type of bird or animal that can wreak havoc on buildings and homes.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Braley at 304-437-1971 or visit