Jackson County residents earn spot in Guinness Book of World Records

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Paul David and Eva Jo (Chester) Woodyard of Ravenswood recently celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary.

On June 15, 2020, the Guinness World Records certified that six siblings born and raised in Grafton, West Virginia have the distinction of being the most siblings from a single-family to celebrate 60 years of marriage. The 60th Wedding Anniversary, known as the Diamond Anniversary, is a significant milestone, but for these six couples, it is record-setting.

These siblings are some of the children of the late Clair T. and Lula (Phillips) Woodyard. At the time of certification these couples have shared: Nancy Lou (Woodyard) and Jeremiah Richard “Chick” O’Conner of Ohio, celebrated 65 years; Paul David and Eva Jo (Chester) Woodyard of Ravenswood have celebrated 70 years; Ruth Elaine (Woodyard) and Harry James Lehr of Pennsylvania have celebrated 61; Donna (Woodyard) and Carl Norman “Pete” Isner of Ripley celebrated 62 years; Janice Ann (Woodyard) and Thomas Lee Stemple of Ripley have celebrated 62 years, and Carol Faye (Woodyard) and Arthur Wayne Stockett of Ohio have celebrated 61 years.

Certification documentation was collected and verified for presentation to the World Book committee by Harry Lehr, Elaine’s husband. Previously this distinction was held by five siblings from England. Lehr stated to the Committee, “This distinction could only be accomplished by marrying the right person, marrying into the right family, and living a long life.” Lehr further stated he believes this record will likely stand for years to come.

The family recently had another opportunity to celebrate as Paul David and Eva Jo Woodyard celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary or Platinum Anniversary on Sunday, September 13, 2020.

Carl Norman "Pete" and Donna (Woodyard) Isner of Ripley have been married for 62 years.