Virtual JCCF Charity Challenge launches Aug. 23

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Jackson Newspapers
Jackson Newspapers

The Jackson County Community Foundation (JCCF) has had the support of many businesses, organizations and individuals since its inception almost 20 years ago.

Through avenues including contributions, establishment of funds and grant sponsorships, local community projects have been able to continue and expand. The animal welfare groups will help build a new animal shelter, food pantries can continue providing essentials to those in need and the Anti-Drug Coalition can address drug awareness and recovery in Jackson County. These are just a few of the many programs that have an impact on the quality of life in this area.

As with any foundation, charitable gifts are the lifeblood of the organization.

The annual Charity Challenge event is a unique way for those who want to support local causes to become involved. Making a donation to the non-profits taking part or becoming a sponsor to allow JCCF to offer its matching grant program are two available options.

Misty Hamon, JCCF Director, said that this year’s event will be unlike any other.

Each non-profit will have a spotlight week on Facebook featuring a video and sharing the mission of their organization.

“We have had to get very creative,” she said. “We are approaching it as an opportunity to reach out in a virtual way, but one that will also help our nonprofits have a stronger social media presence.”

Hamon pointed out the needs of the Jackson County community have grown during this time of health pandemic.

“Non-profits are being severely affected,” Hamon said. “Donations during this Charity Challenge event will go a long way in helping them continue to fulfill their missions.”

Any individual or business that makes a donation of $500 or more can receive tax credits through the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP). Information for the 2020 NIP will be available in September.

“Our unofficial theme for this year is, ‘We’re still here’,” Hamon said. “It’s not time to sit back and wait for things to improve. It’s up to JCCF and our donors to adapt and keep moving. By the grace of the internet and social media, we’re going to move our nonprofits forward too.”

For information about JCCF or Charity Challenge, visit, follow Community Foundation of Jackson County on Facebook, or call 304-372-4500.