A local family focused on vision

Barbara Layton
The Mize family is proud to be able to assist Ravenswood and the surround area with all their vision needs. Pictured from left to right are Dr. Christie Mize, Dr. Jesse Mize, and Dr. Ben Mize.

In 1993, Dr. Ben Mize moved to Ravenswood following his graduation from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee. Upon his arrival, Mize purchased Dr. Charles Kelly’s optometric practice and Ravenswood Eyecare was born.

A staple in the Ravenswood community and surrounding areas, Mize’s practice offers a professional staff who provides quality vision care and personalized optometric services.

In 1994, Ben’s wife, Christie Mize, joined the practice. She too graduated from the Southern College of Optometry, with honors.

The Mize’s have continued to care for patients throughout the years while raising a family and becoming pillars of the community.

As of June 1, 2020, a new addition was welcomed to the Ravenswood Eyecare practice, a new doctor, Dr. Jesse Mize.

Jesse is the oldest son of Ben and Christie.

A 2013 graduate of Ravenswood High School, Jesse attended Marshall University where he graduated in 2016, before attending the Illinois College of Optometry and earning his degree in 2020.

Jesse said it was a mission trip to Mexico in 2012 that made him realize he too wanted to go into the field of optometry.

“After seeing how important vision was to people who didn’t have access to healthcare, it made me want to give that to people,” he said.

According to Ben, Jesse said he wanted to be an eye doctor at an early age, but didn’t mention it again until it was time to go to college.

“Seven years later, he is the new kids on the block at the office,” Ben said.

Christie said that she and Ben never put any pressure on any of their children to go into optometry.

“We just wanted them to make their own decisions as to what they wanted to do,” she said. “We are beyond excited that Jesse chose this path. Ravenswood is a great place to practice and the community is really supportive. I think our patients are as excited to have Jesse here as we are.”

Adding another optometrist is something Ben and Christie said they have discussed previously.

“With it being our son, I’m beyond proud,” Ben said. “Jesse will add some new energy to our office atmosphere. The staff is so excited that he has joined our practice.”

Not only does Jesse have a new career path, he recently got engaged to Macie McCallister, a nurse in the ICU at King’s Daughter’s Medical Center in Ashland, Kentucky.

Jesse plans to continue working in Ravenswood for the foreseeable future, even though he will not be living in the area.

“I feel it is important to stay around the area and provide healthcare to rural West Virginia since many providers want to go to large cities and other states,” he said.

Jesse has been seeing patients at the Ravenswood office since June 1, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

He feels it is very exciting to join the practice he grew up working in during the summers and visiting after school each day.

“I hope that my classmates and friends from childhood will see that I will be working a few days back in town and stop by for an exam and say hello,” he said. “I would like to thank my parents for adding me to the practice and the staff for making it a seamless transition.”

One day Jesse said he hopes to be able to join his parents in ownership, and learn from them how to successfully run a small business.