Words of Wisdom from 2020 Red Devil graduates

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Jackson Newspapers
Jackson Newspapers

“My advice to the underclassman would be to enjoy high school while it lasts. Enjoy all the moments, good and bad, and be yourself. High school is the time to grow and figure out who you truly are as a person.”

--Alecxander Gwynn, Class Valedictorian

“Take in every second, because once you graduate - it’s over. Take in every practice, game, or concert, and have fun in school, because you don’t know what day will be your last!”

--Jazlyn Skeen, Class Co-salutatorian

“Never pass up the opportunity to do something new. Try to get to know as many people during high school as you can. Most importantly, never pass up on advice from someone wiser than you, and always keep learning.”

--Chase Hood, Class Co-salutatorian