Council votes to sponsor historic mural

Barbara Layton
Jackson Newspapers

With the removal of part of the old Ravenswood Middle School building to make way for a parking lot and new entrance to Flinn Field; a large part of the remaining building that houses the weight room and hallway to the Pit is left exposed.

Mick Price, Ravenswood High School’s basketball coach, recently approached Councilman Steve Tucker with a proposition for the City Council to assist in funding a mural to cover the wall.

According to Councilman Tucker, Price has commissioned Mark McComas and Neil LoPrinzi to create three scenes to cover the exposed stretch of wall. Price along with coach Bryan Canterbury have already painted the wall black in order to provide the backdrop for the project.

The murals would consist of the old high school, before it was torn down; the Pit, prior to the addition of the Facilities Building; and a devil head.

The total cost for the project including paint and supplies is $3,000.

Councilman Tucker added that he believes Price has already raised half of the cost required and questioned to see if the Council would cover the other $1,500.

“I don’t have any problems supporting this,” Mayor Josh Miller said. “I see this as a historic project that will last quite a bit of time.”

Councilman Tucker said that Price hopes to have the mural completed prior to the beginning of school.

In other business:

• Council approved meeting minutes from the prior meeting on June 2.

• The monthly Water Infrastructure Project invoices were approved for payment.

• Phase I of the Sewer Design Loan Agreement for the amount of $368,500 at 2.9 percent interest, was approved by the Council. The loan has a two-year maturity in which time no interest payments will need to be made if permanent financing is received during those two years.

According to Mayor Miller, Dunn Engineering will be present for a meeting to allow the public to ask questions regarding the project. The date of the meeting will be announced once determined.

• The city received a bid from Casey Construction regarding the HVAC and build out for the second floor of the new City Hall. With representatives unable to attend the meeting to answer questions, Council decided to table the bid until further information could be received and the bid could be reviewed by another professional engineering firm in order to confirm fair market value. Once the information is confirmed, a special meeting will be held to act upon the submission.

The Ravenswood City Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 7, via Facebook Live.