JCC conducts routine business at May meeting

Suzette Lowe
Jackson Newspapers

Editor’s Note: This information comes from proposed minutes from the telephone meeting held by County Commissioners Dick Waybright, Mike Randolph, and Mitch Morrison on May 27.

The Jackson County Commission met in continued emergency session for the discussion of routine business.

• The application of Raymond and Judith Christian to consolidate lots into acreage for the purpose of taxation was approved.

• Also, an exoneration of $92.74 for Jerry L. Plumley Sr. and Victoria Plumley was approved.

• A proposal by Silling Architects for an amount not to exceed $24,000 for the next phase of the courthouse HVAC renovation project was approved.

• The terms of engagement letter for the West Virginia Auditor’s office to conduct an audit of Jackson County for fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 was approved.

• The Commission approved the part-time employment of Miranda Johnson’s as a worker in the prosecuting attorney’s office.

• Estimates/proposals for roof work on the old and new sections of the courthouse roof were delayed until the next meeting of the commission.

• In a final action, commissioners approved the “Amended Emergency Policy Declaration” to allow the re-opening of the courthouse. (See related article)

The next meeting of the Commission will be at 9:30 a.m. on June 3, in a manner to be determined.